Monday 27 May 2024

Some Snacks Are Healthy Too!

There are plenty of food items, which can be eaten anytime to ease your hunger pangs. These are not eaten as a full meal. Usually, most of the snacks are considered as unhealthy. Still, there are many light snacks available, which are healthy as well as tasty. These food items may boost your metabolism and your digestive system. It controls your hunger and helps to avoid overeating.

Here are Some Snacks which are Healthy:

  •    Bran Whole Wheat Muffins: The sweet muffins are liked by everyone. One hardly can ignore them, and why to ignore if they are healthy too. In this dish, whole wheat flour is used. They taste best when accompanied with the apple flavour sauce.
  •    Lentil and Broccoli Chaat: Broccoli is very healthy for everyone, as it has a lot of antioxidants. The sweet and tangy olive oil dressing give it an amazing flavour. Other fruits and vegetables like beans and potatoes can be used for garnishing.
  •    Oats Idli: As the name states, the idli made from oats. If you are a calorie conscious person, then this dish is perfect for you. The steamed Idli with roasted oats and chillies can make it taste amazing. All the south Indian food lovers will surely like it.
  •    Three Bean Chaat: This dish is very healthy as it contains beans of different types. Kidney beans and green beans are fried in oil with a topping of chaat masala and lime juice.
  •    Ragi Cookies: Ragi cereal has a lot of nutritional value. So, adding ragi in cookies can turn out to be a healthier alternative to the regular refined flour cookies The people of every age love cookies and no one can resist that. The crunchy and crumbly taste of cookies will make you in love with it. You feel the buttery taste in each bite.
  •    Fried Moong Dal: One of the best snack and most common thing in the Indian houses is fried moong dal. It is rich in protein. Fried snacks are always evergreen. This is easy to make as well as it takes less preparation and cooking time. You can find moong dal fry in almost every house of India.
  •    Elaichi Granola Bar: It is a sweet bar full of dry fruits such as almond, raisins, oats, and cardamom. The layer of honey and brown sugar make it taste great. This recipe is full of protein and fiber; hence, you can try this as a healthy snack.
  •    Fresh Corn Bhel: This is a snack like sweet corn in which many vegetables are included. Fresh corianders, chopped onions, and tomatoes give it a right combination of sweet and sour taste. An all-time great snack for your guests!
  •    Jowar Medley: A very easy-to-make dish just requires limited ingredients. This healthy dish is filled with green vegetables. Just a drizzle of salt and pepper will provide the perfect flavour to it.

It is not necessary that every fried snack is unhealthy. These all above stated snacks are fully healthy, and you can find the recipe for all these meals including the Moong Dal Namkeen recipe in Hindi as well.