Saturday 24 February 2024

Stuck With Thick Facial Hair? Check The Solution Here

Shaving your facial hair off can be a bit harder in case they are thick and strong. So in scenarios like these, the best possible outcome is to make use of effective wet shaving techniques using good quality products. Post shaving skin care products can also prove to be very helpful in avoiding irritation, razor bumps and razor burns. In order to achieve the perfect shave, you need to make use of after shave moisturizers as well as the right kind of face washing products. Some of the very fine tips in order to have a close and comfortable shave while you have thick facial hair are discussed below for your understanding.

Make sure to Wet your Beard Thoroughly

One of the most effective means to get a close shave without going through any irritation is by making sure that the beard is wet in a thorough fashion. Your facial hair might absorb almost 30 percent of the total volume which makes them weaker thus easier to cut. Taking a shower before you shave off your facial hair is the ideal way of ensuring that the beard is completely moistened. In case you do not find showering to be the most convenient option at the bit, applying a moistened towel to the face can do the trick for you. Remember that shaving off thick facial hair when the face is dry and cold is not a good option as it might get you a lot of razor burns.

Make use of a Good Quality Shaving Product

The best shaving creams possess a higher concentration of moisturizers and lubricants. They have the ability to create a very rich and creamy leather unlike the cheaper ones that create a kind of foaming. The basic idea here is to lubricate your face in the best possible way and it can be done effectively when you make use of a good quality shaving cream.

At first you have to shorten your beard. If you do not shorten it, you will never be able to remove it. Well, you can check by yourself. But I can assure you. Use a good beard trimmer for men so that you can shorten your beard. Then go for shaving.

The best way to carry out a shave is to apply some shaving cream on your face and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then you can start off with the cutting and the results would be very good as the beard gets wet and soft at the most optimum level that way. As to remember this close shave Victor K. Kiam II once told about Remington shavers, “Shaves as close as a blade or your money back.” Great! Instant Grooming has compiled the list of top 5 Remington razors. Don’t miss to check these out.

Shaving Brushes may Serve as a Good Tool

One of the finest ways to get an optimum and comfortable shave when you have thick facial hair is to make use of a shaving brush. Shaving brushes help in raising your hair in order to make closer cuts possible. Moreover, they help in creating a rich and creamy leather from the shaving cream which tends to stay closer to your skin. In addition to this, shaving brushes also help in removing dead skin cells while reducing the chances of any razor bumps and blemishes. That way the skin not only looks but it also feels healthy and smooth. In order to achieve the most optimum results, applying a shaving brush in a circular fashion is highly recommended.

Use Good Quality Razors and Keep Changing the Blades on a Regular Basis

Shaving can prove to be painful if you do not make use of the right shaving products especially if you have thick facial hair. It is highly recommended to always use a sharp razor blade having a fine quality. Sharpness of the blade is very important as you want to have a smooth experience when you are scraping off almost two skin layers during the process. Dull blades can prove to be traumatic for your skin as they can make the face look blotchy and feel scratchy. Philips electric razors can help you out with this. They have got a large range of shavers for men. Check Top 5 Philips Electric Razors from Instantgrooming to choose the best from it.I personally recommend Remington MB4040 Trimmer. Check review (

On the other hand, if you are uneasy with the manual shavers you can use an electric shaver. Electric shavers are performing really well now a days. Read online reviews and grab an electric razor on sale which suits you the best.