Thursday 18 July 2024

Supplies For The Modern Survivalist

Supplies For The Modern Survivalist

Does emergency prepping interest you and are you routinely stockpiling non-perishables and ready-to-eat meals? It is unknown whether you will ever be involved in a situation that involves staying in the wilderness for a long stint, and surely you will want to be ready for an unexpected scenario that will require you to test your survival skills. A folding camp stove that will fit inside of your backpack could be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you own.

The world has become a nervous place, and laying in a stock of extra supplies to keep you and yours safe and fed is critically important. In addition, you’re going to need to be able to pack quickly if your current location comes under threat.

Staying Portable

Part of surviving whatever comes means being able to get away from danger. A purifying water bottle means that you can turn nearly any lake or stream into usable water in a short amount of time with little fuel. It will also lighten your load and free up space in your vehicle.

There are many products made to serve their purpose while reducing as much weight as possible. Try browsing backpacking gear to see what you could add to your collection. From a packable and durable blanket to rocket stove for cooking with dead tree branches, do what it takes to stay as lightweight and portable as possible. If you need to leave your house behind and get on the road to stay safe, gear that serves multiple purposes will help.

Defensive Gear

Most survivalists boast an impressive collection of firearms, ammunition, and knives. One area of preparation they might overlook is personal defense. In a doomsday, every-man-for-themselves situation, you might not have the luxury of staying in your home for very long. Having protective gear like an ATE Helmet and body armor will keep you much safer when on the move.

For the best possible defense, take your head and body measurements before buying new gear. They are highly adaptable to, so take the time to customize them with attachments that suit your needs.

Power Considerations

A solar generator and panel to cover your basic power needs is a good plan. Be aware that these can be more expensive than buying the separate components, including a power inverter, battery, solar charge controller, and panel. However, most solar generators are lighter in weight and less fiddly than buying the components separately.

In addition, lay in a stock of smaller, less costly solar items. A foldable solar panel with battery can charge your phone and your headlamp while collapsible solar lights can help you see inside your rig at night. If your intended destination is stable and offers some privacy, a solar oven is a pretty simple DIY.

If you have the room, consider investing in a 12 volt refrigerator that will get cold enough to serve as a freezer. With a portable freezer, you can keep foods for longer and use prepared frozen meal servings as an ice brick in your larger cooler. Try to open the freezer only when you have to so you can keep power use low.


You’ve got a water purification bottle, so you can safely hydrate and prepare food. If you’ve been able to make your own dehydrated foods, you’ll be able to get a lot of food in a small space without a lot of weight.

Pack cans of food that need no additions, or only water, in a low spot in your vehicle. Secure the box or bin with a strap or bungee to keep things from sliding around.

There are many more things that you can add to your survival kit, including a first aid kit and weaponry. Learn how to safely use all of the components in your survival kit before you pack them.

Folding Stove That Can Be Used For Food and Warmth

One of the time consuming tasks associated with camping outdoors is the preparation of a fire. A fire is necessary for cooking and heat, but it can be very discouraging to discover that an outdoor area is lacking the dry brush needed to ignite a fire. In addition, you have to worry about a fire spreading to other parts of the ground when it is windy or a fire going out during rainy conditions.

A folding camp stove eliminates the standard preparations and will allow you to heat food or your body soon after you ignite the fuel source. When purchasing a stove, look for one that contains metal components that fold when the heating element is not being used. A stove that is lightweight and compact will take up very little room in your bag and you won’t be struggling to carry the equipment to the area where you are going to camp.

Waterproof Matches, Cleaning Supplies, Cookware, And Other Essentials

Gel fuel tablets are simple to light and will not make a mess or emit a foul smell like many liquid fuel sources often do. Purchase a package of waterproof matches to store in your duffel bag and buy some cleaning supplies that can be used to treat the stovetop’s surface after meal preparations.

A compact cookware kit that contains a collapsible pot, pan, and kettle and bottled water and non-perishables are the other items that you should stow away in your ’emergency’ bag. Practice using the folding stove so that you are familiar with how quickly the unit heats up.

After each cooking session, turn the stove off and wait for the metal surface to cool down. Then, use a soft cloth and a cleaning agent to clean the metal. Purchase waterproof covers to store the cookware in so that the equipment remains clean and dry.

If survivalism, doomsday prepping, or just being well-prepared for any situation is something on your priority list, researching supplies and growing your collection is probably something constantly on your mind. Consider the supplies above and see what you might be missing.