Sunday 25 February 2024

Taking Your Fashion Brand Online With WordPress

Taking Your Fashion Brand Online With WordPress

The fashion industry is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar stores as it is riding the online wave. E-commerce stores are becoming an enticing opportunity for sellers as they help them attract a large number of buyers and build brands. A majority of fashion brands are taking this chance by investing in creation of their online stores. Such a store needs to have some features to generate high traffic and sales for business success.

  • They need to be visually appealing and easily navigable, particularly at the landing pages

  • Minimalism and clutter-free interface is an added advantage

  • The fashion store should be able to support multiple products and be highly customizable too

  • The order and checkout process should be simple and hassle-free

  • The store should be compatible with the conventional e-commerce plugins and payment methods

A myriad of platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Prestashop offer functionalities for creating ideal e-commerce stores. But WordPress is a platform that scores all the points if you are looking for the one which is simple to understand and easy to implement. If you are planning to take your fashion business online, then availing the services of a WordPress development company is a good idea.

Steps For Creating An Online Fashion Store With WordPress

As a platform, WordPress has an array of powerful features that can be availed to build a fully functional website for your fashion business. At the same time, it is easy and cost-effective too. Here are the basic steps that a wordpress developer will carry out to give your brand an online presence:

Choosing The Right Hosting Package

Before the actual work of store development begins, you have to invest in a reliable web hosting package. It can be done with a private server or shared hosting. A CDN service is also required as fashion websites are media heavy.

Adding SSL For Security

The next step is to procure an SSL certificate which is essential for all e-commerce websites. This security certificate establishes a secure connection between your server and the buyer’s browser.

Selecting A Theme/Layout For Your Store

Next, comes the most important step of building an online store with WordPress, which pertains to selecting the theme for your website. You have a myriad of themes to choose from and there is also the option of wordpress theme customization. With fashion stores, it is important to pick a theme that gives a professional and appealing design. A complete checkout process along with features like product details, shipping modules, and payment gateways are to be included in the store.

Configuring WordPress

Once done with theme selection, the next step is to configure WordPress by creating a configuration file. Following this, all the changes in the fashion store are updated with the hosting company.

Creating Product Pages

After having configured WordPress, you can create specific product pages for your fashion store. This is particularly important for this industry where you have to update products seasonally as well as add images, offers, and pricing information.

Adding Pages For Other Information

When the store has complete and updated product pages, you can add more pages for including other key information. These include details such as currency, business location, and contact information. Separate pages for coupons and offers can also be added to the website.

Engaging The Visitors

Another functionality that WordPress allows for your online store is to engage the customers with tools such as polls, forums, and surveys. You can involve them in discussions with posts on which they can comment. With such direct interaction, customers are likely to come back to the website for repeat purchases.

Once you have a WordPress-based online fashion store set up, you have to promote it extensively to get more visitors to it. A feature-rich website which is promoted using a sound marketing strategy is all that you need to keep your e-commerce fashion brand on the top.