Tuesday 23 April 2024

Tempered glass or Plastic? Know which Screen Guards work the best for you

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Screen Guards have become a significant part of our smartphone accessory purchases. Why not? After all, they give our smartphone an added layer of protection.

However, a burning question that arises while buying a screen guard is “Which ones are the best – Tempered glass or Plastic Screen Guards?” While the online stores or mobile repair parts distributors that even deals with iPhone, Samsung phone parts wholesale sell them.

Choosing the right type of screen guard is essential for you. So, let’s start with our quest to find out which one is the better screen guard between plastic and tempered glass.

1.        Protection

Well, what good a screen guard would do if it does not offer protection to your mobile screen? If we begin to analyze the protective level of the screen guards the plastic screen guards give partial coverage protection.

Whereas a tempered glass screen guards provide full-coverage protection. Since they even reach out to the curved out edges of your phone screen.

2.        Scratch-resistance

Scratches are one of the most common damages that can happen to your smartphone. It can make your phone screen look unpleasant.

Tempered glass screen guards have better scratch-resistance ability than that of a plastic screen guard.

Even though they don’t provide absolute scratch resistance. However, they for sure have much better capability to resistance power against scratches.

3.        Composition

Plastic screen guards are manufactured by integrating plastic-based products. Some of them include polyethylene terephthalate, thermoplastic polyurethane, etc. these composition does not provide sturdy built.

While the tempered glass screen guards are composed of extreme heat and instant cooling of the glass. This gives a robust structured screen guard that can withstand intense impacts or falls.

4.        Visibility

The Plastic made screen guards even though when new have clear visibility. It tends to lose its clarity due to certain factors. For instance, excessive exposure to sunlight, too much finger impact over the years, etc.

But for tempered glass screen guards, the clarity power is more. It will provide you clear visibility no matter the condition of weather or heavy usage.

However, they can lose their clarity if it comes in contact with an intense fall.

5.        Smudge resistance

Now when it comes to tempered screen guards, they are better able to resist smudges from sweat, dust and other particles. Since it has oleophobic nano-coating the smudges are hard to impact on the screen.

But plastic ones do not have any coating on it. They are just composed of plastic products and hence over time fail to resist smudges.

Therefore, leaving your screen smudged and hazy.

Now, that we know the tempered glass screen guards are way better than the plastic ones, pick your screen guards wisely. After all, you don’t want to spend your money on something that does not serve its basic purpose.

You can buy tempered glass screen guards from mobile repair stores or online stores that also deal with Samsung phone parts wholesale supplies.