Wednesday 22 May 2024

Ten Points To Consider When Buying Pajamas

If you are among those, who thinks that pajamas are “just plain boring”! Well, think again! In a world, where even gadgets are being marketed and purchased for their high style quotient, pajamas certainly have not been left far behind.

From lounging around in pajamas to attending exclusive pajama parties; men, women and children alike, have acquired a taste for this ancient and fascinating, loose-fitting garment.

“The original pāijāma are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes.  Outside South Asia, especially in English-speaking nations, pajamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging” by both men and women, observes Wikipedia.

Ten Points To Consider When Buying Pajamas

Pajamas Are Loved for their Comfort Factor

While many men and women believe, that pajamas are not appropriate clothes to wear to a bus-stop or grocery store; when it comes to lounging around or attending pajama parties, most find it the most appropriate outfit to don! One of the primary reasons responsible for pajamas, remaining an all-time favorite, is that they are extremely comfortable to wear.

However, today, pajamas have become a fashion phenomenon and a style statement as well. New age fashion designers and apparel companies specializing in bespoke garments, are giving pajamas a unique twist. Pajamas with fun prints and awesome motives have today become a rage, with a growing population of younger and older- men, women and children lounging around in them!

Awesome Prints That Make Pajamas a Style Statement

If you are going out pajama shopping, you will find that the choices available online and at retail stores, are rather mind boggling. However, it is always better to be spoilt for choices rather than the other way around! In order to be able to make a better decision with regard to buying pajamas for the men or/and women in your family; or among your friends, you can use these pointers:

Ten Points You Can Consider When Buying Pajamas

  1. Research the pajama market well in advance before making a buy. There are not just some really cool pajamas for men and women out there; but in fact, a lot of options to customize prints on these, as well.
  1. Comfort is a vital factor that you need to keep in mind when buying pajamas for men and women. Selecting these in soft fabrics that are not harsh on the skin is advised.
  1. The purpose, for which the pajama is being bought, needs to be considered. Are you buying these for daily wear to do your household chores in; night wear; or for occasions when you have to sleep over at someone else’s place, or when guests are coming to live with you.
  1. Do you prefer them plain or printed? That is a question you need to ask.
  1. Buying pajamas in colors and styles or cuts that suit you, is important if you want to continue wearing them for a long period of time. If however, after buying a set, you realize that you don’t like it and cannot exchange it either, the pajamas are going to be simply a waste of good money!
  1. Choose the theme for customizing pajamas for men and women carefully. Whether you are buying them for yourself or ordering them for someone else, you will need care because once printed on the pajamas, these will need to be worn as well!
  1. Ensure that you get the correct size of pajamas, when selecting from the men or women sections at the store. The best way to check this out, is by trying them in the trial rooms, instead of being lazy and thinking you will try them out at home.
  1. Buy superior quality pajamas in terms of cloth and the stitching of the fabric. Quality ensures that they will be more durable and less prone to the wears and tears of night wear.
  1. If a style statement, is what you are intending to make, by wearing the pajamas you are planning to buy- it is important to buy them only, if you are sure that you will look good in them!
  1. You can mix and match your pajamas with regular T-shirts as well. Doing so, changes the way they look and suddenly, everyone thinks you are wearing slacks instead of pajamas!

This article was written by Felishia. L. Oksan, a fashion writer, who believes that pajamas for men and women in varied prints, can add to their style quotient.