Monday 22 April 2024

The Art Of Taking A Bath

The Art Of Taking A Bath

Some people don’t like baths. They aren’t doing them right. A bath is one of the great simple pleasures: a celebration of idleness and forced relaxation that helps you unwind and stay clean at the same time!

Today we’re providing a short guide to make sure your baths are the best they can be, whether you’re a regular bather or a skeptic considering joining us in the tub for the first time.


You want your bath to be the perfect temperature, but this is going to differ from person to person. Some like an almost scaldingly hot bath, but to others this is their idea of hell. It’s going to take some experimentation to find the right mix for you, whether you’re achieving it with a separate hot and cold tap, or a mixer.

In general you want to aim for a little above your own body temperature, and somewhere below the level that has you passing out when you stand up from the hot water!


When you opt for a bath dictates the sort of experience you have. An early morning bath as an alternative to a shower before work means a short, refreshing experience – cooler, briefer and more functional.

An evening bath – the traditional ‘bath night’ is longer. This is a soak you can really relax into it, as well as a chance for a proper clean that a daily shower simply doesn’t allow. A chance to wallow in hot water softens the skin and allows it to absorb the nutrients in your bath products that will keep it soft long after the bath is over, which a shower simply doesn’t allow for.


Picking the right products for your bath can make or break the experience. Finding yourself immersed in hot water and surrounded by a rising scent you don’t actually like will render your bath time experience rather less than relaxing.

If you really want a treat – and everyone deserves pampering from time to time – indulge in some luxurious extras for your bath time. Finding some bath oil for men means your bath doesn’t just clean, but the water will leave your skin soft, smooth and scented.

Having a full bath, with the best products, time for a soak and a final scrub down with cooler water is the perfect preparation for an evening event where you need to be relaxed and alert and completely confident in yourself, whether it’s a black tie occasion or a little less formal!