Monday 15 July 2024

The Beard Discipline: Why Should You Wash Your Beard

The Beard Discipline: Why Should You Wash Your Beard

Having a beard is a pride for men. A Good beard can enhance your personality to a great extent and gives you the confidence that have been missing! And moreover, it makes you look more ‘manly’! So clearly, there’s a lot more required than just growing your beard to a few inches. But unlike with the girls, who have like a million ways to keep up themselves, boys have a very limited number of good options to upkeep their beards but they do exist! And this article is all about the beard discipline, the best beard wash tricks and the ways you need to diligently follow to grab attention from the girls and rocking in every other sphere! Let’s get started:

Skin Plays A Major Role Too!

The number of times you should wash your beard depends on the skin type you have. If you have an oily skin, i.e., your skin produces excess oil called sebum making you more prone to skin problems like acne, pimples and others. Oily skin attracts impurities faster than any other skin type.  So for men with oily skin, you must wash your beard on a regular basis. Daily, if required. This would help remove all the pollutants making your beard feel softer and prevent any flyaway. Likewise, dry skin produces less sebum so you may just require to wash your beard every 3-4 days (probably once or twice a week). But here’s a catch, washing your beard everyday would not mean to use just any product. You must use the best products for Beard Wash and Conditioner to let those compliments coming in!

Because Who Likes Itching That Patch All Day!

You are out on a date. Or a business meeting or in a gathering and your beard starts irritating you. You start itching, the irritation aggravates and you end up making a fool of yourself in front of everyone. What would you do? Cut that beard off to be the topic of everyone’s conversation the very next day? Or prevent your beard from itching that bad? If you are thinking just like us, you’ll go in for a good beard shampoo and start taking care of your beard. Because you can only show off a beard if it is perfectly cut, well-groomed and gives your personality the boost you always wanted!

The Discipline To Grow A Beard

Almost every single man might be having a beard, but the growth of the beard differs from person to person. Some might have a relatively faster hair growth on their face while some might have a tough time in growing stubble! Whatever the case may be, if you are willing to take care of your beard the way you do of your attire or looks, things will turn out to be in your favor, believe us! For men facing a slow beard growth, you must always look up for the best beard shampoo for beard growth to ensure you provide the necessary nutrients for a faster growth. This could also, perhaps, improve the hair quality of your beard. Thus, enhancing the overall look and feel of your overall persona!

How To Wash Your Beard: The Real Question

Problems and solutions have been noted, but what is the best way to for the best beard wash? Which routine to adapt for the most ideal beard? Here’s the actual deal. First of all, start using lukewarm water to rinse your beard which is the very first step to wash your beard. This would soften the hairs and make space enough to reach your beard shampoo to all segments equally! Next up, take a generous quantity of the beard wash solution on your palm and use your fingertips to gently massage your beard deeply with the shampoo till the skin to make it hydrated and clean.

Once you are done, rinse it off while moving your fingers in all directions. You could must always use a beard wash and conditioner together to prevent dry and frizzy hair. Keep in mind, a good beard wash can make all the difference!

Final Shot: The Beard Discipline

Now that we’ve discussed almost everything you need to check for that perfect beard. Make these changes in your regime and feel the change! You can buy the most amazing beard grooming products for your beard and let it speak for you! Beardsmen is a perfect example of giving away the best grooming products for your beard. There is no rocket science in maintaining a good beard. So don’t wish for it, make it yourself with the best beard products. Start today!