Sunday 03 March 2024

The Benefits of The Internet for Distribution in the Entertainment Industry

It is clear that the Internet has become the next method of music and film distribution. It provides us with a sturdy, reliable and convenient way of transferring content to any place around the world. In fact, many music stores that sell CDs have been closed, due to lack of sales. Many people prefer to download music and films through the Internet. It’s too soon to predict that DVDs and Blu-Ray will be extinct, but we know that their significance has started to decline. It is true that many of us still love DVD and CD, because they provide us with the tangibility that we are looking for. When buying a whole album digitally, we will feel that it has less value for the money, because we can’t touch it with our hands. In fact, deep inside; we still that we are being cheated.

However, this is only a minor issue compared to the major benefits of the Internet as an excellent media distribution platform. The Internet should be something that makes sense for the whole entertainment industry. The production and distribution costs are much lower, because sellers can simply copy the master file for thousands of buyers. The middle men have been cut from the distribution network and it is actually possible for fans to purchase music directly from the artists. Although the Internet may have cause the loss of jobs in the entertainment industry, buyers should be able to obtain the product with significant drops in the prices. It means that the entertainment costs could go down, because buyers will need to spend less money for the digital copy of the content.

We should be aware that it can be quite expensive to purchase CDs or movies. We should be quite sure with what we want. When we purchase the physical copy of music albums and movies, we will be subjected to the full price of the content. If we want to get something cheaper, we will need to go to the discount bins, to get movies that have been released more than a decade ago. For average consumers, finding and downloading movies can be irritating and time consuming. Also, for people with slower Internet connection, downloading high resolution 1080p films can take hours to complete.

However, for the practitioners in the entertainment industry will find it that distributing content with the Internet is much easier to do. It should be a wonderful experience to purchase all of our content online. There are already many websites that can provide us with amazing ways to purchase music and films. We should be able to do this in a much easier way than going to the physical stores. Amazon is probably the most popular place to find our digital content for entertainment purposes, however other platforms like iTunes could also provide us with wonderful ways to do many things. It should be really wonderful to do many things with digital content and we should be happy about it.