Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Benefits Of Using An Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management System For Customer Retention

In today’s world retaining a customer is one of the most daunting tasks for enterprises. As the existence of more than one company, offering similar products or services, has led the path to tough competition in the market. So, a company’s reputation management is crucial for retaining customers. I’ll give you a clearer picture on this. Suppose, you own a restaurant so, how would you best serve your customers? Of course, by providing them with supreme quality food which will, in turn, build your reputation in the market. One negative comment against the quality of food would be enough to tarnish your restaurant’s image. So, your utmost responsibility would be to provide good food, quality service to customers and also deal with negative feedback appropriately to retain customers.

Now, who doesn’t like to know how they’re being discussed in the market. So, here comes the role of an online reputation management system which is possible through an omni-channel customer experience management system. This system consolidates all customer experiences shared across multiple touch points within and beyond an enterprise. XpressoInsights – the online reputation management Platformis one of the leading application shaping the lives of many for the better. You can try it to keep a tab on your customers and of course, to retain them. Here’s a clear picture of the benefits that you’ll enjoy by using such a tool. Read below:

  • Integrated Customer Feedback – If you own a company you would also want to know what people are saying about it in the market. With XpressoInsights, you will be able to get integrated customer feedback from multiple sources. XpressoInsights would help aggregate and classify feedbacks with meaningful insights and engage you to act, observe immerging trends of customer or employee feedback to raise an early warning to stackholders.
  • Simplified Reputation Management System – Now, owning a company isn’t the end of the story. You should be equally concerned about the reputation of the company online as well as offline. Nowadays, as we’ve gone digital, the online reputation management is more crucial. XpressoInsights can gauge customers’ reaction, sentiment and expression using its natural language engine ‘Xpresso’. These data are gathered in real time, analyzed and mitigated to fulfill customer needs. Thus, securing the reputation of the company.
  • Competitive Intelligence – You need to be aware of the present business scenario if you own an organization to survive in the market with good repute. With XpressoInsights, you can keep a tab on the competitors through a competition index that gathers information not only from social media but enterprise systems like email, CRM etc.. So, get to know what’s doing the rounds in the marketplace and improve to become one of the leading names that customers would prefer.

After reading the above-mentioned benefits of using this omni-channel customer experience management system, you may want to know more about this compact and smart piece of technology to make life simple and retain customers. You can avail this in the premise or on the cloud. Get in touch with us to know more. We are waiting to help you to do business better and aid you to reach the ladder of success.