Thursday 30 May 2024

The Best 90s Fashion Trends For Men

The 90s trends are back and they’re here with a bang. More designers are now mimicking the 90s in almost every way possible. Some have fond memories of the 90s whereas others cringe at the mere thought of the cringy styles. Some styles were great such as the Grunge style and the sportswear, but there were also some truly hideous trends in the 90s such as frosted tips and baggy everything. Below are going to be some of the biggest and best trends to have been in the 90s. As we said, not everything you are going to like, but some trends you will be eager to follow. In this article, we will go through some of the biggest trends to have hit the 90s. 

Cargo Pants

Cargos have been spotted on the highstreets of late and you can start to see the odd person wear a pair of cargos, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, practical and many find them stylish. Obviously, they have been through the hedges a few times and people wouldn’t be seen dead in them, but with new designs and fits, they can be a great addition to your wardrobe. With more people than ever caring about comfort and functionality, this trend won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Full Tracksuits & Twinsets

While full tracksuits never really go out of style, colours come and go. Currently bold 90s colours and big branding are on trend. This also includes bright twin sets, so you’re covered all year whatever the weather. 90’s styles tend to be boxy and baggy tracksuits but they come few and far between with fitted tracksuits being more of the norm in 2023. Checking out premium thrift shops usually help you find some great 90s sportswear with brands such as Nike and Adidas battling out for best!

Wrap Around Shades

Fashion always comes back around and it can be pretty predictable. It doesn’t matter how much you think a trend won’t come back around, because it is inevitable. One of these trends is wrap-around shades like the Oakleys your dad probably wears. In the 90s these shades were essential to any man’s wardrobe and if you looked at 2010, you would never think that they would ever be back in style, but here we are in 2023 where lots of people are wearing 90s wraparound shades. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you feel you can rock them, go ahead!

Bum Bags

Everything was oversized in the 90s, whether this was jeans, tops and even our wallets. Add on the Gameboy, MP3 player and Tamagotchi and your pockets are overloaded. For this reason, the bum bag was invented, for everyday man’s accessories. The name is bad enough, but the colours they came in were just absolutely hideous. Surely these have not come back? Well kind of, it’s now nowhere near your crotch as it is around your body in the form of cool designs from some of the biggest brands in fashion right now such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.  


Windbreakers have been around for a long time since the 70s actually. They were particularly a favourite in the 90s with bold prints, and colours and they just looked like a statement jacket. They were the go-to for 90s casual outerwear which meant that everyone had one. Whether you were going on a trip, going on a day out on bank holidays or even going to the pub, you would see everyone wearing some sort of windbreaker. To be honest, the windbreaker has still been an icon for a long time. If you want to get a windbreaker, stick to two-tone colours and steer away from the baggy fit. 

High Top Trainers

Thanks to two designer trainers brands, high-top trainers were the pinnacle of fashion with sky-high trainers. Can you think of the brands? Yup! Air Jordan and Reebok. These ankle-hugging basketball footwear were bold, and brash and everyone from children to celebrities wore them. 

Fast forward to 2023 and they are still here. Usually, when everyone is wearing something, the trend usually fades pretty quickly, but high-top trainers are even more popular now than they were in the 90s. With the same pattern, colours and shapes still the same to this day. This shows that this trend is going nowhere.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats, where do we start with these British classics? They could be discussed all day about the pro and cons, but just like Liam Gallagher, there is just something about them you can’t not like. They were once a hit with all walks of life, but here in 2023, they’re bigger than ever. 

The bucket hat was a staple for the 90s rave scene and these simple-looking hats are now a patriotic symbol to all festival goers and are now looked at as an essential uniform. Not everyone loves them, and you don’t even have to buy one if it doesn’t suit you, but there is no denying that the bucket hat has earned a spot in Britain’s men’s fashion.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are back! But not as you used to know them. Gone are the days of trailed ripped jean bottoms and water-absorbed pockets. Although this trend was hideous, it was still absolutely everywhere in the 90s and it was this way for at least 10 years until the wide and baggy legs got so ridiculous that the trend started to take a downward spiral. 

This resulted in the polar opposite trend with skinny jeans hitting the scene. These have been on trend for a while and as we see more relaxed-fit jeans hit the scene, we know exactly where this is heading. Nothing too baggy, but enough to just about compliment your silhouette. Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler all still offer classic 90s cuts, for those wanting a tough pair of jeans.

Skin Care

While natural skin care products weren’t big in the 90’s, people’s skin was much better. In the 2020’s there are more chemicals, big brands looking to cut costs and a saturated market. In the 90’s things were much simpler and skin routines were a lot easier to follow. Looking out for natural skin care brands is always a good way to keep your skin looking good and chemical free!


There were plenty of styles in the 90s to take inspo from and even more menswear trends in 2023. With quiet luxury being one of the biggest trends right now. More people want to shop luxury brands and avoid fast fashion, purchasing clothing that lasts longer and people appreciate it more.