Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Dangers of Going Overseas For Your Cosmetic Surgery

Many people decide to go overseas for their cosmetic surgery procedures as it may be slightly cheaper, but when you combine the cost of the surgery with the flights and post-surgery accommodation, along with the high level of risk, it certainly isn’t worth it. We are here to go into a bit more detail about why this is! 


Poorer Standards


Firstly, although having a procedure abroad is cheaper, this is a result of lower standards, resulting in poorer results and also a more dangerous environment. British practitioners are held to an extremely high standard and very specific regulations. The cost of training and accreditation are incredibly high in comparison to other countries, which helps you to stay safe and get the best results. Whilst there is always a risk associated with surgery, the likelihood of it happening when you go abroad is much higher. So, you’ve got to ask yourself, is it worth having your procedure in substandard facilities to save a bit of money? 

Language Barriers


Next up, there is the issue of language barriers. Miscommunication is a serious issue and this can lead to you not getting the exact results that you were wanting or you may struggle to ask all of the questions that you wanted to before the procedure so you feel completely happy. 


You Won’t Be Near Your Surgeon


No one will know the specifics of your surgery as well as your surgeon, and if something were to go wrong in the weeks after your surgery once you have flown home, other surgeons might find it very difficult to know the best action to take. You should be able to be in close contact with your surgeon in the weeks and months following the surgery, to make sure that you have the peace of mind that you will need to fully relax. 


The Flight Home


Another significant risk of having your surgery abroad is the flight home. You are likely to fly home either within a week or two weeks of your procedure, which can cause serious complications. This can increase the risk of blood clots, resulting in a deep vein thrombosis in some cases which can be fatal. Plus, you need to be at least moderately active in order to help your circulation. Finally, if something were to go wrong when you were in the air, you will be in a very difficult and dangerous position. 


Travel Insurance


In most cases, if you travel abroad for cosmetic surgery, your travel insurance will be void. It is very rare that you will find a policy that will cover you if something were to go wrong, which can be an extremely dangerous situation to be in. 


Medical Tourism


Lastly, many companies are now selling plastic surgery procedures as part of package holidays, known as “medical tourism”. Promises are made that people can combine surgery and a holiday in one bundle, usually at concerningly low prices. With everything from gastric bypass surgery to heart surgery, breast implants and face lifts combined with holidays, it is quite concerning. Surgery is a very big commitment and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and when these procedures are being combined with “holidays”, things should be questioned. 

Final Thoughts


Overall, the risks associated with going abroad for your surgery massively outweigh the benefits. Instead, go to a cosmetic surgeon Manchester or London based, who will have exceptional qualifications and will be highly experienced, to keep you safe and to get you the best possible results.