Friday 21 June 2024

The Different Empowerments and Their Symbolic Mandalas

Enter a world that is absolutely surreal in sense, wherein you have entire control over the universe using the pictorial depiction of the universe in your possession and using your mind to gain authority over every aspect. This conceptualizes the basic meaning of the word ‘mandala’.

The word in the Tibetan language that is equivalent to ‘mandala’ is dkyil-‘khor and means something that encircles the mid-point. Different mandalas are used for different purposes as per the Buddhist script but every symbol holds a special meaning conveying certain message.

Since empowerments are conferred based on mandalas, let us learn a few facts about them as stated by anuttarayoga tantra.

The Vase Empowerment

This shows its presence in the four classes of tantra and it is vouchsafed on the regards of the mandala that symbolizes a set of Buddha-figures abode or a single Buddha-figure. The vase empowerment also exemplifies the purification of senses, body and the world into the body of deity, which might include the vase containing water or washing. It also includes the supporting mandala depicting the palace as well as the environment surrounding it.

More About the Vase Empowerment

There are different methods of imparting meaning to the world of mandala during the rituals performed for this empowerment, let us look into them.

  • The cloth mandala is a two dimensional illustration of the environment around the palace and the palace itself. It is emblematic of the framework of an actual palace that is chalked out on a paper or a cloth. This cloth is then placed inside an intricately detailed wooden frame in a square shape.
  • There is the powdered sand mandala, which is also an emblem of the palace and its environment made using colored sand and it can be placed in the same wooden frame as the cloth was placed.
  • The mandala for the stability and peace of your mind is materialized from the engrossed meditation of tantric masters and it does not need any physical requirements. It has been devised from other anuttarayoga tantra like Vajrayogini, Hevejra, Chakrasamvara and Chittamani Tara about the body mandala, which involves the tantric masters to engage their body parts as different parts of the supported and supporting mandala wherein in order to attain this mandala.
  • Sometimes a 3-dimensional mandala made of metal or wood is also used.

The Other 3 Empowerments

  • Second is the secret empowerment, which is endowed owing to the round emblematic mandala of traditional bodhichitta. Represented by drops of yogurt or tea, given to taste occasionally and is responsible for representing the energy drops of red and white bodhichitta.
  • Third, is the deep discriminating awareness empowerment and is vested upon from the round emblematic mandala of the womb
  • Fourth, is the word empowerment and it is endowed from the round emblematic mandala of the deepest bodhichitta. This mandala requires a thorough grasp and understanding of nullness.

According to different empowerments stated above, it is now evident that one requires the symbolic mandala to perform any further rituals to cleanse themselves of any sin. It is now possible to get Dharma Chakra Mandala online in order to cater to your needs. They are as effective as the ones you might receive from the Tibetan origin.