Thursday 18 April 2024

The Different Types Of Fleece Fabric

Fleece is widely used to make jackets and blankets for a reason. It’s a soft, comfortable fabric that is amazing for keeping you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Plus, it’s always affordable! It’s produced to give people the same warmth and coziness that a goat or sheep would get from their fleece, and it is usually made with a mix of man-made and natural fibers. While it originally resembles the natural woolly covering of the animals it was inspired by, there are now different kinds of fleece fabrics available for different uses.

In this article, we list down all types of fleece fabric and what each is best for.

Micro Fleece

If you are looking for a soft, warm, yet lightweight fabric, micro fleece is your best choice. It’s a favorite among a lot of people because of its ability to keep you warm without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of wearing something thin and lightweight. It’s often used for infant and exercise clothing because of its special water-absorbing properties, making it perfect as cloth nappies and sportswear – it’s helpful for exercising outdoors during the colder months.

Polar Fleece

The most affordable type of fleece is polar fleece. It’s widely used for making jumpers, jackets, scarves, and hats because it’s a thicker material than micro fleece. Like all types of fleece, polar fleece is soft, but not as soft as the others. And while micro fleece absorbs water and quickly evaporates it so the wearer remains comfortable, polar fleece is slightly different, as moisture doesn’t evaporate so easily from it.

On the other hand, polar fleece remains one of the top fleece choices because it’s very effective in keeping you warm and it makes for really good winter clothes.

Double-Sided Cuddle Fleece

It’s called a “cuddle” fleece for a reason. Double-sided cuddle fleece is the type of fabric that, when made into a blanket, will make you never want to leave your bed for the rest of the day. It’s the softest, most luxurious-feeling fleece fabric and is the most remarkable. Aside from blankets, cuddle fleece also makes for really amazing jackets and fluffy bathrobes and jumpers.

How to Care For Fleece

Fleece fabric has a nappy finish, but it should be kept smooth and soft, not crunchy and pilling. To make sure that you keep your fleece garments comfortable for a long time, here are some tips on how to care for fleece fabric.

How often should I wash my fleece garments?

Wash fleece clothing every six wears, and when you do, it must be turned inside out.

Is it safe to put it in the washing machine with my other clothes?

Fleece is safe for machine-wash, but take note that it shouldn’t be washed together with anything that may catch onto the fabric, like linty garments. It can also be hand washed, if you prefer that.

What should I use to wash it?

Use a gentle powder detergent and some cold water to wash fleece. Avoid using liquid detergent, since it may cause the fleece to lose its water resistance.

How should I let fleece dry?

Rinse the fleece clothing twice to make sure it’s completely clean, and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach. Air-dry only.

Can I iron my fleece garments?

Never iron fleece fabrics. It’s very sensitive to heat and it may leave a burn mark on the garment or pill.

If I can’t use bleach, how can I whiten my fleece if I need to?

To whiten fleece, hang it out in the sun for a few hours, or mix some borax with water and wash it with that mixture.