Saturday 22 June 2024

The Essential Function of Proteins in Human Body – Beef up your Knowledge

In order to get good health, the role of protein can’t be denied. Proteins are actually made up of amino acids which get together to form long chains or a string of beads where each bid is nothing but an amino acid. With every people getting conscious about their health and diet, high protein and low carbs has become the ultimate mantra of the dieters. The body builders and athletes are grabbing, snatching and gulping down protein shakes. Dieters are also following the herd and they too are hogging on protein bars and ditching their daily dose of pasta with high hopes of instant weight loss.

Inside the laboratory, the scientists and researchers engage in intact mass analysis proteins to determine the value of each protein and if you too could know how important they are for your body and health, you wouldn’t ever shun them off from your diet. Here are few reasons to take protein-rich diet.

PROTEIN – Deducing its power

There is too much of excitement everywhere regarding proteins. But people fail to realize the basic fact that protein is a vital component of each and every cell inside the body. Nails and hair are usually made up of protein and human body also uses up protein to repair and build tissues. The body also uses up protein to repair and build new tissues. You can also use it to make hormones, enzymes and several other chemicals in the body.

If you consider protein along with carbs and fat, it is a macronutrient which means that the human body needs large amounts of it to work properly. Minerals and vitamins which aren’t required by the body in huge amounts are known as micronutrients. However, you have to note that unlike carbs and fat, the body doesn’t store protein and hence it hasn’t got any reservoir to draw from whenever it is in need of it.

How much of protein is considered ‘enough’ for the body?

There is a myth which says that extra protein can help in building more muscles. The best and perhaps the sole way of building muscles are by exercising. Human body is in need of an adequate amount of protein so as to function properly. But that doesn’t mean that extra protein will give you extra strength. Let’s see what the US Department of Health and Human Services have to say about how much is considered as ‘enough’ protein for the body.

  • Teenage boys and men who are active can easily get protein from 3 daily servings which is a total of 7 ounces.
  • For children in between the age of 2 and 6, for women and some seniors, 2 daily servings of 5 ounces are considered as enough.
  • For older kids, teenager girls, majority of the men and for active women, 2 daily servings of 6 ounces is considered as perfect.

Therefore, now that you know the daily requirements of protein by your body, you should make sure you take enough of it as per your age and health conditions.