Saturday 25 May 2024

The Humorous History Of The World

When it comes to writing a fluid and captivating humorous article, you have to be creative. This is unlike the research paper writing skills that have always assured of As. Here you will need a different set of research skills. For instance, if we consider what aspect of the history of the world is humorous, you will rarely find anything worth a laugh in conventional history books you use in class. From my research online, I gathered what I think should be a list of humorous events in history.

1. Julius Caesar and His Love Escapades

So Caesar, a great man, was holding a meeting with important members of the Roman senate. In the meeting was his arch rival Cato. Cato had the habit of shooting down any idea that Caesar presented. A servant hand Caesar a letter and Cato instantly sense foul play. Cato insists that the contents of the letter be made public. Caesar is adamant because he knows Cato won’t like the contents. When the paper is read aloud, it is surprising that it is a love letter to Caesar from Cato’s sister.

2. The Cobra Problem in India

Talk about a noble plan backfiring. During the period of colonization of India by Britain, the colony became infested by deadly snakes. So British colonialists deliberate on the problem and come up with a solution they consider win-win for them and the locals. The British put a prize on the head of cobras. Guess who come out as the winner. The cobras. Indians take to catching and breeding cobras in order to claim the prize. On realizing their mistake, the British put an end to the plan causing Indians to release hundreds of cobras they were breeding.

3. Caligula and His Wolf Cries

Remeber the story who pranked villagers several times by crying wolf. Well, when a wolf finally attacked the villagers assumed it was just another prank. Well, Caligula did the same three times. Lucky for him, his story ended differently. The first time was when he assembled his subjects for what was supposedly an important meeting only to inform them that he had the right of killing anyone whenever he wished. The second time was when he readied his army only to have them stab the sea in an attempt to kill Poseidon, a greek god. The third time he also assembled his army with the aim of attacking Britain. On arrival at the English Channel he changed his mind and ordered the troops to collect sea shells.

4. Russia and Canine Suicide Bombers

In World War II, Russia devised a plan of destroying enemy tanks using dogs. The dogs would be strapped with explosives and forced to run under enemy tanks. However, the Russians overlooked the fact that the dogs had been trained by their own tanks. So most dogs actually ran under Russian tanks.

If you were keen in reading these humorous events, you will realize that no history teacher would give you a lecturer on such stuff. The list is by no means endless. You can compile your own list. At least now you are smart enough to where you won’t find the relevant information.

Julius Calvados is a history blogger, interested in ancient art and research paper writing