Sunday 19 May 2024

The Importance Of Storm Cleanup

A storm can wreak devastation havoc to a city, state or to an entire country. If left unchecked, roads can be impassable, electricity may not be restored for weeks and health hazards could be borne from an inability to remove standing water. What are some other reasons why timely storm cleanup is important?

Residents Want to Take Pride in Their Community

It is difficult to feel good about living in a town where half the houses are destroyed and local businesses are left to rot where they stand. Although people understand that fully rebuilding a community can take weeks or months, they will want to see signs of progress. Simply turning the lights back on at the grocery store or at the local soccer field allows people to start returning to a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Animals Need To Be Accounted For

Animals need to be accounted for in the aftermath of a large storm as they may be left in homes or get loose to roam the streets on their own. In addition to typical pets like cats or dogs, more dangerous creatures like tigers, crocodiles or snakes could be let loose on the community and hurt people. They may also help the spread of disease or other health hazards that can otherwise be avoided by simply taking the time to round them up as quickly as possible.

Get a Clear Picture of What the Total Damage Is

It may be difficult to figure out how badly a home has been damaged if the homeowner is unable to get back to his or her home. It may be difficult to determine how much it will cost to fix public or commercial buildings, roads or bridges if the proper authorities are unable to get to them. Therefore, a basic cleanup needs to be done as soon as the storm is over to start damage assessment and to start making insurance claims if necessary.

Get to People Who May be Trapped or Stranded

It is possible that there are going to be people stranded because of high water or people who are trapped under the rubble of buildings or homes that have collapsed. If there is no way to get to them, it may not be possible to save them. It may also be impossible to bring them the medical supplies and other basic supplies that they may need to survive until they can be brought to safety.

Power or Gas Lines Could Spark Fires

A downed power line or a broken gas line could spark a fire if left unattended. This could lead to significant secondary damage that may be avoided if they are attended to in time. If power lines are close to water, they could electrocute anyone who comes too close to the line itself or the water it is touching. Therefore, it should be removed or steps taken to strengthen it if it looks like it could come down.

As soon as a storm has cleared, it is important to start the cleanup process as best as possible. It allows a community to start healing, get rid of any health hazards and get a better sense of the true damage that the storm has caused.

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