Tuesday 23 April 2024

The importance of voltage stabilizer and its working

It does appear to be common where a voltage stabilizer works with refrigerators, ACS, washing machines, music systems etc. The purpose to buy online voltage stabilizer is to prevent voltage fluctuations. The reason being that each and every appliance is designed to work at a specific output to provide the desired performance. If the voltage does fall above or below a desired value, the appliance could be operating at a worse condition or possibility of damage does exist.

In our homes voltage stabilizers (automatic) are employed so that the voltage is kept to a desired temperature. Before stabilizer online shopping there are a few pointers you need to be aware of.

Definition of a voltage stabilizer

As the definition stands the definition of a voltage stabilizer would be to stabilize voltage power over a given range. Constant voltage would regulate or stabilize if the supply of voltage varies over a given range.

In the market there are different types of stabilizers that are available from different companies. In fact there are dedicated stabilizers for both home and industrial appliances like fridge, AC etc. They are known to consume less amount of power and that could be around 5 % of the maximum load. The efficiency of these devices is pretty high in the range of 98 %. There could be a single phase or three phase voltages. In the modern versions there are some additional features which are available like voltage switching, cut off etc.

Other facts about voltage stabilizer

Voltage stabilizers are nothing but change in the magnitude of voltage. It normally goes up and below the prescribed standards. There are some countries where for a single phase electrical distribution is 230 volts and for three phases it is 415 volts. As per electrical standards the accepted standard is 220 volts. Most of the appliances can withstand this voltage fluctuation. The voltage fluctuations are common in most areas and this could be between 170 V to 220 V. With voltage fluctuations it can have adverse impact on the appliances

  • When it is the case of lighting equipment, voltage drop reduces the lumen output. This is going to further reduce the brightness of the lamp
  • The AC motor is known to produce less torque under low voltage. More speed is produced during the stage of over voltage. This is going to degrade motor life and under high voltages insulation damage could occur.

How to go on to choose a stabilizer as per your needs?

First and foremost it would depend upon the rating to which you need to apply stabilization. Before you go on to choose a stabilizer consider all power appliances. The power rates are determined by KVA or VA. You also need to figure out whether it appears to be a single phase or three phases. On the name plate of the appliance you can get the power rating. If it is not available, calculate the power of the voltage.