Saturday 02 March 2024

The Magic Of A Marquee Event

Are you planning a special event? Still haven’t decided on a venue? Perhaps you should consider hiring a marquee to hold your ‘do’. There are many advantages to going down the marquee route. Read on for the low-down on everything that’s terrific about temporary tents for special events..

Finding the perfect venue for an event, whether it’s a wedding, charity ball or birthday party, can be difficult. It is often the case that you find venues that are able to satisfy some, but not all of your requirements. This can be frustrating and often leads to compromise, which is never ideal at the outset of plans. If your event is to be staged in a popular area where competition for venues is strong, you are faced with even more problems.

The Magic Of A Marquee Event

However, if you choose to house your event in a marquee, you are able to select the perfect solution to all your needs. No compromises, no disappointments or shortcomings.

Sound Good?

Well, that’s because it is. Holding an important event, whether it’s an intimate affair or a big corporate blow-out, works so much better in a marquee. Because the size, shape, capacity, style and amenities on offer have inherent flexibility, a party under canvas needn’t be a headache at all. For marquee hire London and the south east lead the way in tented options for lavish formal balls to small family parties.

It is important to get the setting of a marquee just right. If you have a large lawn at home, big enough to accommodate a marquee, then it is entirely possible for you to throw your event there. On private land, no permissions are required. Equally, if you have a field or other place to erect a marquee that enjoys good access, this may be considered, too.  You will need to check for low overhead cables and underground pipes, but this is the sort of thing a marquee operative would assess on a site visit. One of the most important aspects is good access, as the further items need to be carried when offloaded from lorries, the higher the cost.

It is even possible to site marquees on tarmac or concrete surfaces, securing them with water weights. Ideally, they will be put up on grass that is reasonably level and flat. Sometimes castles or caravan parks will allow you to hire land for putting up a marquee. If you are stuck finding a suitable pitch ask around at marquee hire companies as they often know of local sites in the area.

You get a real sense of the indoor/outdoor with a marquee. Being closer to nature, especially in good weather, enhances our enjoyment of an event. A summer wedding, bathed in sunshine with a marquee pitched on the lawn, open to the soft breezes is an idyllic scene. Equally however, if the weather is inclement, marquees are wonderful for keeping guests dry, warm and protected from the elements. With suitable flooring and covered walkways and awnings, the risk of guests having to walk in rain and mud in high heels is neatly removed.

Book your marquee early as they are popular and get snapped up quickly. If you are in the south east looking for marquee hire London can be quite tough, so once you’ve got a date, start ringing around.

Staging a dramatic and eye catching event is made easier with all the added extras  marquee companies offer. Not only the basic amenities such as portable WCs and generators, many supply tables, chairs, sofas, staging, linen and cutlery and catering equipment too. Depending on the design and theme of your event, you are likely to be offered a choice of lighting options. There will be a range of colours available, a ‘starlit’ ceiling, chandeliers and up-lighters to add drama and atmosphere to your event. Choosing from a range of styles and shades of wall lining will determine the tone of your event. Not forgetting the all important dance floor which comes in many shapes, sizes and colours, from chequerboard to parquet to illuminated – whatever you choose will be slotted in to your floor plan perfectly.

There is something really special about an event in a tent – it seems to bring out the best in people. Who knows what it is, whether it’s the close proximity to nature or just the unique atmosphere of a marquee – you just don’t get that with a bricks and mortar venue. If you have a date in the diary that’s looking for a venue, why not investigate the marquee option?