Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Man Who Unveiled the Dire Conditions of Biafra

History is filled with cases of cases of atrocities, corrupt government practices, and undue influence of power. Although the first world countries are somewhat safe from such unrests, the third world countries still continue to face such issues. Considering that we live in 2019 now, the thought of such matters still existing reflects the dire need of people who could devote their lives to impede such factors from plaguing societies and their growth. One of such people from Biafra is J. Ezike.

Born in 1987, John had witnessed the deteriorating condition of the state of Biafra in front of his eyes. One of the most significant occurrences he recalls from his childhood is that of the religious riots that broke back in 1991. Religion has, in fact, been at the forefront of these local problems. Religious differences have been a reason for bloodshed and massacres of centuries. Proper religious education is eminent to curb such extremism to take place in the first place. However, for Biafra, it was already too late.

Biafra had been a victim of political wars for years, and John was eager to put that to an end hoping that the place he grew up at could grow and thrive. Part of his constant efforts was to spread awareness using social media. He started a column where he talked about why exactly did he choose to become a part of the Biafran struggle and his quest of resolving it. He knew that the conflicts of this state had to be brought to the limelight. John’s work has been published in various places including websites like Elombah.com, OpinionNigeria, and AfricanHeraldExpress, etc.

  1. Ezike’s chronicles are not all that smooth. He also had to face several physical and mental hardships to overturn the dire conditions of his hometown. In pursuit of it all, the Nigerian Department of State Affairs even abducted the man without probable cause or reasons. He was kept in custody for over 16 hours before letting him go. This was a consequence of the flooding of news and social media attention that John’s referendum received. This abduction was also published on OpinionNigeria.
  2. Ezike worked all these years to introduce true freedom to its people rather than being the slaves of their political leaders. He continues to try and highlight the incidences that occur in Nigeria and neighboring areas. J. Ezike’s mission is to unveil the problems and issues of such African regions to the world so proper action could be taken in letting the civilians of these areas enjoy the basic necessities of life.

In addition to his efforts as a political activist, John is also an avid fan and creator of music. He takes inspiration from some of the biggest names in the game including Bob Marley. Due to a highly active role as an activist, he has not been able to focus much on his singing career. John has performed several times in the streets, clubs, and churches, etc. One of his most renowned performance is from the time he toured London with his popular stage name, “Kool Daddy”. J. Ezike has also published several books which are currently available online at Amazon.