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The Pros and Cons Of Email Marketing Services

The Pros and Cons Of Email Marketing Services

The digital world has many email marketing services on the market. The thing is how do you find out the best one? Unfortunately, you have come to the right place we have the list of top 3 email marketing services and its pros and cons.

Why is email marketing services is that important? Because, email service is the best way to connect with your audience and make a profit. You can turn the one time customer into life customer.

Here are the few things you should look at when you’re signing up email services.

• Budget: How much you’ll spend for email marketing services.
• User-friendly: How easy it is to use?
• Features and benefits: Can the software do what you want?
• Help: How the service is helpful and supportive?

The Best 3 Email Marketing Service 2017

Constant Contact

Free trails: Yes
Support team: Yes

User-friendly: Easy to access, and difficult to A/B testing and also for campaign setups. And they will offer a list of functions and guides.


With the tool called EventSpot tool, you can make a schedule, create a new registration page, and publish the news through email and social platforms. The campaign tool can allow you to create coupons and downloadable functions for social sites so that you can get new users or audience for your business.


It lags some essential functions of campaign creations. You can’t automatically test an email with this one, and it will destroy the open & click rates. By manually, you can do it and that’s also a bit complicated.

Mail Chimp

Free trails: Free (You can use full version)
Support team: Yes, but only live chat.
User-friendly: Very easy to use it. And this service has a lot of resources and guides


You don’t have enough money or time to spend on email marketing services. Then the software is the best one to use and it is so easy to use, and it has some templates to for, easy to test it. The analytic in this one will help you to track the works that you have done for email marketing through it by linking to Google analytics.


The free option is good but it doesn’t allow you to do autoresponders. An autoresponder is a key thing for email marketing it sends a responding mail for new subscribers and guides them to buy your products by directing to your websites. It also doesn’t support segment of your audience. The segmenting is another vital key to email marketing services. If your business grows, you should change to the paid version.


Free trails: Yes
Support: Yes
User-Friendly: Moderately, easy to use.


Aweber has a default designs and templates, message creations, and A/B testing, and responsive email templates and more. If you don’t like to design, then this Aweber will help you.


So expensive side, when compared to other services.


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