Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Role of a Sauna Steam Generator in Today’s Sauna Rooms

Saunas have been around for thousand of years and there is nothing more than a sauna bath that can help you get over all that painful body aches and muscle spasms. Sauna baths are also helpful in reducing stress levels, and improving cardiovascular health. There are many types of sauna baths that has been in use over the time. Among the various kinds are the following:

  • lElectrically heated sauna rooms
  • Infrared rooms
  • Wood burning saunas
  • Steam rooms

The various sauna rooms work on different principles and the one in vogue are steam rooms where steam is produced by using a sauna steam generator.

The concept of using a steam generator for producing steam in sauna rooms is due to the fact that it is basically the most easiest way to generate steam quickly. The installation procedure is pretty simple, though it requires a professional to install the system. Besides it also provides a cooler, humid atmosphere than compared to a traditional sauna. A sauna steam generator is also available in various configurations, that is why there is also the ease to pick one that suits your need and budget.

How does it work?

The modern day steam generators work in the same principle as that of hot water systems. One can find the steam generators to be available in electric or gas versions. The electric steam generators consist a tank component with a resistive element in it, apart from a water inlet valve and a steam outlet valve. An electric current passes through the element heating up the water quickly. The tanks are durable and airtight. There is immense pressure generated in the process and the tanks need to withstand all of that. That is why the tanks are made of welded steel. There is also a release valve which helps in releasing steam once the pressure goes beyond the safety points. The steam produced passes through outlet pipes to the steam heads available in the steam rooms. The steam heads are controlled either by a timer, or manually.

The entire process involves a great deal of risk, and that is why a sauna steam generator needs to be installed only by a professional. The combination of electricity and water is a risky one and needs specialized handling. If not handled with care, then it might cause a lot of injury or damage.

When Should One Not Be Using a Steam Room

Though sauna has many therapeutic benefits, one has to be careful about its usage. There are certain safety tips that one needs to adhere to.

Refrain from drinking alcohol- When one drinks alcohol before entering the sauna room that might increase the risk of hypotension, dehydration and arrhythmia. That is why it is better not to drink alcohol if you intend to take a sauna bath.

Do not take sauna bath for a long time- It is better not to spend more than 20 minutes in a sauna. If you think that taking a sauna for a long time will help you more, then you are wrong. On the contrary, the effect can be devastating.

Keep yourself hydrated- Stepping into the sauna room can get you dehydrated. Hence, make sure that you are fully hydrated. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and then take a sauna bath.

Also pregnant women, or those who have other serious medical conditions should not use the sauna room. A sauna bath should make you feel relaxed, and should not become the cause of your discomfort.