Friday 19 July 2024

The Scourge Of “Quickies” In Your Marriage

Something is wrong with your marriage if romance is already a thing of the past. In the fast-paced modern lifestyle, many couple start to ignore small things that are important for the relationships. Even sex can become a routine activity. They may kiss for a few minutes, have quick sex for 5 minutes and then go back doing things as usual. There are no more sweet words, squeezing, touching and loving. You need significant commitment for your relationship and couples often need an hour only for doing foreplay. You should bring the romance back into your marriage and relationships. There are many dead marriages that need to be resuscitated by re-introducing lost elements of romance. The rapid and near-instant sex activities are known as “quickies” and they not a good thing for your relationship.

Having a short session of sex and quick orgasm before going to work may seem like a good thing, but it can become like a routine too soon. It will only become a tool to release the steam, instead of a way to maintain our level of romance. Without the feeling of romance, people can become really miserable and they end up cheating, regardless of the regular sex routines. Eventually, people will crave for romance and if they can’t get it from their spouse, affair is a bigger possibility. If you want to break the quick, daily routines, you should do the unexpected things in your sex life. If your spouse is pleasantly surprised by your initiative, the response will be quite great. As an example, give your wife a little surprise gift before starting the day and it is likely something the she is not expecting.

Small gifts can be easy to obtain and they don’t have to be expensive. Women often feel ecstatic with simple poem and a card. You don’t have to bring your wife to a classy restaurant with fine wine and candles. Instead, you may choose her a nice meal at home and play romantic songs that she loves. Couples may cuddle in a warm bath in a relaxing and romantic way. With a relaxing CD, the whole situation should guarantee to sooth even the most savage beast. By doing new things, your life will hold excitement and mystery. You won’t know where you will end up next. You may drive down a quite country road when the sun is down and end up being together at a starry lake. This should be a good opportunity to have wonderful quality time.

You won’t do quickies if you regularly have great time together.  Everything should feel like a wonderful experience and you have future plans together. Both of you can play, hug, kiss and do more intimate things. You will enjoy your experience, there will be fuss and rush. You should be mysterious and do unexpected things. Occasionally, surprise your spouse with text message while he/she is at work. Do this often, you will feel all the wonderful effects in your lives.