Monday 15 July 2024

The Top 3 Ways Big Business Is Going Green

“Green” has become a huge buzz word for enviromentally conscious individuals the world over. As such, it is all the more important that businesses large and small commit to a greener business model and do their part to preserve the planet. The upside is that many of the modern methods of going green can actually save companies millions of dollars in the long run, and will also help them appeal to their ever widening customer base who are extremely concerned with environmental responsibility. More and more people are doing their research and taking their business elsewhere when businesses are not up to speed with the innovations available to them. With that in mind, here are 5 of the top ways big business, with all the green innovations and the funds to support them at their disposal, are taking a stab at being more environmentally friendly.

Utilizing Green Energy Initiatives

Green energy is not limited to solar power, and many major companies can easily sign on for green power options with their current utility provider. Before choosing to go with solar power you need to have your roof inspected by RSG Roofing LLC to make sure it is sturdy enough for the new panels. Green power is always generated from renewable energy sources, like solar– the most popular– wind power, geothermal, hydropower and plant matter. Purchasing green power may increase the electric bill by a small percentage; that money is then used to purchase clean energy that is fed into the electrical grid. The percentage lost in utility bills can be more than compensated for by the support of an energy conscious target market.

The Top 3 Ways Big Business Is Going Green

Establishing Eco-Friendly Shipping Methods

Huge corporations typically ship inventory to and from locations all over the world. The method and frequency with which they ship heavily influences profit margins. This is a case where an eco-friendly shipping method may cost more initially, but ultimately cut down on costs for getting everything where it needs to go– a win-win for the company, and for the planet. Sea transport is one area where this green update is absolutely crucial. Companies now have access to a wide variety of hybrid tugboats for sale that utilize both electric and gas power to reliably transport cargo ships, and to more efficiently manage ship relocation within their docks.

Employing Green Web Hosting

Every business that expects to market their brand or product is online today, and every big business relies on a huge network to keep their operation up and running on a daily basis. Web hosts are joining the green movement in a number of ways, from replanting trees cut down in the construction of data centers, to using green energy sources, to purchasing carbon offset certificates. Smart businesses understand the environmental impact of maintaining efficient servers and infrastructures and are partnering with web hosts that share these values.

Change must occur one individual at a time. Those individuals in control of large corporations have much more influence over the harmful acts against the planet that we as a civilization have long perpetuated; it is up to big business to take a big bite out of their respective country’s carbon footprint.

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