Friday 21 June 2024

The Top Luxury Shoe Brands

It is said that as much as diamonds are adored by all women, shoes are also their point weakness. Any woman will always have a valid justification and reason to buy a new pair of shoes. Their craving for new shoes is so high that some would rather miss out on food to get new shoes from the market. This craving seems to be pronounced, especially where popular shoe brands get involved. There is a rise in number of women looking for new shoes. So some good brands are as follow.

The Top Luxury Shoe Brands


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Jimmy Choo

This brand is always worn by several stars like Halle Berry, Cate Blanchet and Hillary Swank during Academy awards. Coincidentally, just as the shoe brand is a winner, all three stars have also won an academy award. This brand was introduced in the market in 1980s in London. Its excellent artistry has managed to earn quite an enviable following among shoe enthusiasts.

Christian Loboutin

This is a shoe brand that no matter how high its heels become, it will never lack people who die to own it. The trend it has is set to stay for long haul and its bright red signature sole will remain iconic for many years to come. It was designed in France and due to its uniqueness, there are so many companies trying to reproduce the counterfeits of this magnificent shoe.

Manolo Blahnik

This is another great female shoe brand that is so classic that in an episode of “Sex and the City”, the lead character hesitates to give them up when she was attacked by a thief. This stiletto heeled shoe was launched when chunky platform shoes and boots are popular, but Blahnik stuck to his guns and this has paid off. The stiletto heel design made it popular.

Louis Vuitton

These shoes always remain classy, stylish, fashionable and elegant. They have earned accolades and respect from all quarters due to their quality craftsmanship, work and for the comfort they offer the wearer. Their manufacturer is revered as a symbol of excellence and same can be said for their shoes.

Walter Steiger

If there is anything that these shoes are known for, it is their designer’s designs that are always innovative and unique. They always change the entire industry of female shoes and this brand is considered among the classics that are around since year 1932. They have worked with top designers and with fashion houses like Nina Ricci, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld as well as Oscar de la Renta, it is a proof of their master class.

Alexander McQueen

Women love his shoes as they are classic and at the same time they have a certain cutting edge. This brand of female shoes combines the elegance and beauty of early 16th century with the looks of the modern world. They are very intriguing; a fact that makes most shoe lovers covets owning a pair.