Tuesday 23 April 2024

The types of commercial lights to brighten up the area

To find the right commercial building is very much needed for the company or the business. At the same time, doing residential lighting properly is also a major concern. But yes, there is a difference between the two types of lightings that are installed.

Commercial lighting holds a special importance as it can either make or break your business. So you have to be very careful that you do the right amount of lighting in a particular area of the building. For commercial lighting solutions one can take help from the professional light experts or the qualified electricians who can correctly guide people on how to do commercial lightings and how to install them in the right place.

There are some major industrial or commercial lighting variations. Here are as follows,

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • High intensity discharge lighting
  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • Halogens

Incandescent bulbs

These are the most common type of industrial lighting, in offices and commercial properties. But they are made from old technology. That is why; they have less energy and also burn hotter resulting into the consumption of more energy. They also have a short life rating. But these lights do also have a few benefits. It comes out to full lumen output as compared to fluorescent lights. They are also environment-friendly because of the filament that is present inside is made from tungsten.

High Intensity Discharge Lighting

These lights are mainly available in three varieties. The high-intensity discharge lightings are very much powerful. They have mercury and metal halide along with high-pressure sodium. As there are 3 different options available here, one can use them to light the outdoor areas, the car parking areas, and the landscapes. These lights keep you and your employees very safe around the commercial area. Also, they are highly efficient and these lights can last up to 20 times as compared to the incandescent industrial lightings.

Compact Fluorescent

They are very much similar to the regular fluorescent lighting. The compact fluorescent lights are very much common in office and workstations. Also, the best parts of these lights are, they are very efficient in these areas where lights can be continuously switched on for long hours without a break. They can provide up to 10,000 hours of light.


They create a much brighter and whiter light as compared to the incandescent bulbs. The halogen lamps are thus perfect for the accent displays of lighting. One can find different sizes and styles of halogen lights and they can be used to meet a lot of purposes in the industry. These lamps can provide almost 5000 hours of lights.

So, these 4 different types of lights can be considered when it comes to the industrial and commercial purpose of lighting. The commercial lighting fixtures can help to brighten up the building. Each of these lights has their own use and purposes and thus they can be used safely. One can use them in different parts of their office buildings or areas.