Thursday 20 June 2024

The ultimate guide to all thing ERP and CRM: Which is better???


As an MNC or SME, at some point of time that there is not much that you can manage manually correctly. Because of the same, you start looking for software that can help with the various concerns you have. The main issue that sprouts at this time is what to buy and what to leave. While there are technologies like MRP, ERP, CRM, HRM, etc, all of the lead to a lot of confusion in the minds of stakeholders and other authorities.  Having an understanding of meaning benefits and difference of all of these can prove to really helpful. We have observed a tendency of companies getting confused between ERP and CRM as both of them are quite popular in the market. If you are also facing such a dilemma, this blog is for you. Read it as we help you make the right choice for your business.

What is ERP?
Enterprise resource planning or ERP software has multiple processes integrated into one. Whether it is about HR, distribution, inventory, or finance, it has it all. It is basically a centralised system which is customisable and configurable as well. You can add various modules as per your needs to the basic module. This is one application which is quite appropriate for every business size. It has tools that can help in streamlining not just front office but back end too while ameliorating internal communication and data transparency. It is so on the boom that there are many ERP software companies in India for you to take ERP software from.


What is CRM?

CRM is basically a tool that stands for Customer relationship management. There are systems that is used to keep customers happy. It can be done using ad targeting or through better sales communications. It is a front office tool and doesn’t provide any back end support as such. This software makes only customers its priority and helps in improving their experience so that the company can enjoy a better customer base which is loyal as well. You can buy it alone or get this and much more from ERP software companies in India.

Key Differentiators: ERP vs CRM

When you want to make a choice between CRM or ERP, you should first know the basic differences between how they function and what they do. After that, you should look at the things you need to consider. Answer yourself- Will CRM suffice or I need an ERP?

Even if you think you will need ERP in the forthcoming years, you should get one.

ERP streamlines business processes across various organisations and consolidates various workflows. The CRM tool is more tailored for improving customer base and keeping them happy. However, the scope of work of ERP is wide and CRM is quite narrow.

So, make sure you buy the CRM software or look for ERP software companies in India so that you can buy what your companies require.