Friday 12 April 2024

The Written Form Of Communication

Communication is the most important thing in any relationship, whether the relationship is temporary (as one at a bus terminus) or permanent (as one in a family). Without communication it is not at all possible to survive. Communication in the simplest terms means the way of letting people know about your feelings, views and opinions. Right from the birth of a person, till the time he dies, whether or not he is able to speak, there exists some form of communication. Even the animals who are do not speak the human language; have means and ways of communication.

Communication does not necessarily refer to the aspect of speaking and listening, it can be done in a non-verbal way as well. So, the basic categories of communication are verbal and non-verbal. Now, in this non-verbal category is the written type of communication. This is a form which numerous people have found more fulfilling and a better way to express. Communication is not a topic that every person is well aware of, hence studying it in details is quite essential.

This is the reason this has been made a topic of study in the colleges and is being pursued by students such as Emily Muhleman. She is a great sports fan and has deep inclination towards writing. She in facts writes for Washington Sports Watch, which she began with the purpose of promoting and announcing the entry of new athletes. She is so fond of sports that sports journalism has become her aim in life while writing sport autobiographies an inherent dream.

Apart from the personal arena, the business arena too is greatly helped with the written form of communication. Since this is an innovative and creative form of expression, the written communication has a much deeper impact than its verbal counterpart. This is because the written form is a more permanent thing and is easier to prove, as it can be kept as a record.

Communicating in the written form, however, requires much more deliberate thinking than the verbal one. Use of the perfectly expressing words becomes important, so as to be able to convey the correct message across. Organizations too, are hugely aided with the written communication method, because of the ease with which it can be kept as records.

One of the greatest advantages of written communication is that alterations can be easily made if and when required, which is absolutely impossible for verbal communication. Once a word escapes your mouth then it cannot be taken back. The precision and explicit characteristic is another plus point for the written communication. As a matter of fact, the image of any organization is greatly enhanced with the employment of written communication in place of the verbal structure. It is considered as more authentic and trustworthy.

It is due to the rising need for more and more people to understand the advantages and benefits of written communication, that it is now being taught as a subject in colleges and taken up by several young people like Emily Muhleman. Her aspiration to become a journalist will be largely helped with this field of study, as she will be able to write better her reports on the various sport events.