Friday 01 March 2024

Things To Note To Make Your Blog Contents More Appealing On Mobile Devices

Things To Note To Make Your Blog Contents More Appealing On Mobile Devices

It is the era of mobile phones and smartphones. Studies prove that one cannot succeed without creating contents suiting this audience. Having stellar contents on your website or being the thought-leader in the society are not good enough todrive more audience to your websites.

How are they different from writing on desktops and mobile phones? Here we will see a few must-to-do things you should follow to make your website more appealing to your audience on mobile devices.

Before proceeding further, it is good to have a quick look at a few statistics. According to recent studies, people spend almost 89 hours on mobile phones per month. This means that people use up to three hours per day consuming contents on their mobile devices. Now you know well how important the mobile users are and should know how to convert those swipes as your valuable customers and role of content writing services to attracts users.

Here are the tips for you to make your contents more engaging on mobile devices.

  • Use small paragraphs

It is not good to write bigger paragraphs as it won’t look nice on mobile devices. A paragraph can be as small as 30 words or two to three sentences maximum. Anything with around 55 words will fill the entire mobile screen and won’t be looking nice on mobile devices.

  • Arrange it neat

Arrange your web contents neatly into small paragraphs. Use proper headings and subheadings, bullets among others to give your audience a feel-good feeling while reading your contents.

  • Be simple in style

Well, this is one of the areas where everyone goes wrong. Never think that everyone is highly educated, neither write anything to show off how scholarly you are. Write in simple sentences and follow simple style which everyone can understand.

People look on the internet to get specific answers or quick information. They also look for contents while doing something else as well. So be as simple as possible when you write.

  • Deliver only the right content

Users on mobile are more data-concerned than those who are using the internet on desktops. It is because they pay for the data and hence they remain selective on choosing the contents for their consumption. So, be sure to deliver only what is right for your users.

  • Make navigation an easy task

There are sites which have quality contents yet fails to deliver good results. They fail because they do not follow an easy-to-navigate method. Hence, users find it difficult to navigate the right content on mobile devices.

Your site’s navigation should be easy. People should be able to find any content in seconds or within two to three clicks. Your success will remain mostly on how you arrange your contents and how you make it easier for users to find your contents.

  • Avoid clickbaits

Clickbaits are good only if you are looking for a momentary gain. For longer periods, this does more harm than good. Avoid all sorts of clickbaits to drive more people to your site in a day. Create title that matches the content or vice versa so that people who visit your site may not get offended.

These few tips will help you drive more visits from mobile devices for sure. Try these and let us know the results.

A professional web content writing service provider knows all the things and they make your content in such a way which potentially attracts your audiences and increase footfalls from your websites.



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