Thursday 18 April 2024

Things You Should Know About Snake Venom

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As the old proverb goes that even Warrior can tremble before the presence of a poisonous snake, the truth can be found in the fact that even the hissing sound or skills of a snake can make any person jump out of their wits. If one actually experiences the taste of snake venom then even if he or she is a warrior, that excruciating pain will definitely put second thoughts in his or her mind before meddling with any Venom snake again in his or her life.

The various purpose of using snake venom

People always conceive of the snake venom as fatal as it results in the loss of human and animal lives while in reality it can also be used for several other purposes such as in case of regulation of blood pressure, stimulation of successful transmission of nervous system, in preparation of useful drugs or checking of muscular impulses the use of snake venom has proved to be quite fruitful to bioscience.Venom snake are precious creatures from which the venoms are harnessed which are also found useful in order to produce anticancer and antitumor drugs.

What are the recent research of venom snake tell us about them

The recent andon-goingresearches on Venom Snake have diversified in a lot of various branches of Science such as, toxicology biophysics Pharmacology biochemistry and medicine etc. By analysing snake venom and other poison sources like that of spider Scorpion comma medical scientists are not trying to discover how proteins that is the core component of venom work in human body.Anti-venom gets prepared by purging out from animals like snake spider or some insects. By diluting this Venom in the lab and by injecting those in several animals like horse’s rabbit sheep or goat’s immunity response antibodies can be increased and then bye harvesting them scientists prepare drugs.

The current scenario

In recent years the numbers of death according from poisonous bikes have gone down drastically after the discovery of anti-venom medicines cameto the market. While it has been proved that antivenin cannot reverse the damage that have already taken part in the body but it can certainly prevent or sustain future damages as soon as the antibody gets administrated.Ohanin is a sort of protein that kids derived from King Cobra’s venom has been found quite useful in preparation of morphine or as we know popularly in the name of painkillers.

How the history of venom has changed

In the past winners from the king cobra was used in order to cure the people who are suffering from opium addiction and also where is used as painkiller to provide relief the people who suffered injuries in Wars or to anyone who had a fatal injury. There were also other means of using venomthrough several prospects like that of using them as a treatment of depression headache and body pain. Snake venom moves easily in human body and spreads faster which causes fatal effects but in medical science if small dose of this venom can be injected in a patient’s body then it can be used as an effective treatment for the people suffering from paralysis or heart attack that were caused from the clotting of blood.

Snake venom also prevents or at least prolongs formation of newer blood clots in several cases. In the most recent times harnessed from Viper has been closed for after treatment of patients in order to prevent the growth of Cancer cells. Due to the presence of high level of protein in their venom Mini also believe that putting small doses of diluted venom can actually contribute in building muscles in a person’s body.