Monday 15 July 2024

Think Exceptional, Think Diverse – Instruction to Write Appealing Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are generally writing a real life story. It is like enacting a scene the way movie directors narrate it to their actors. One has to be very true to their vision and imagination to really put it across to the readers.

Its sounds very simple and easy but it is not actually the way one thinks. One has to really write well and grab the attention of the reader. The reader has to follow and understand the story what the writer wants to convey it to them.

Instruction to follow for a good narrative essay

Select the theme or topic to demonstrate the story

One has to identify the theme or concept that needs to be illustrated but, have to narrate it by using their personal story.

A narrative essay does not require any outside references or study it is just portrayal of your own personal story and experience that will interest the reader.

Narrative essays are given to student to test their creativity and ability to create an interesting piece for the reader.

Be aware that your idea goes well with the story

As mentioned earlier narrative stories is mostly given as a school assignment and the ideas have been instructed by your professors, hence the writer have to be careful as well as very unique while presenting it, before the reader.

Keep it simple, short and crisp

Appealing narration has to be well-planned and simple, as unnecessary lengthy story will not interest the readers. Hence instead of being too melodramatic it is always better to be precise with your content and crisp. Avoid introducing too many characters in the story, which will make the story too lengthy and boring.

Use lively and vivacious language and thought

The languages and thought needs to be very energetic and vibrant. Your feeling should come across to the reader the same way in which you felt it.

Simplify your thought by jotting down the main point

For the story to be appealing and in proper sync it is always better to make a note of important pointers which will benefit you to elaborate your essay. It is better to create a draft for a better flow.

Elaborate your characters and place properly

It is very important to describe the main characters other than you in the story, where did the incident take place, the location and the ambience etc. Narrative essays is generally talking about your own story hence, there is use of “I” in the statement which it very rare as compared to other type of essays.

Going through your essay and revising

This stage is very much important; one has to go through the essay once you’re done with your writing. You can be your first judge and you can relate to your story better than anyone else hence, revising will benefit you to make any changes if require. Check the summaries and use of dialogue properly before concluding.

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