Sunday 16 June 2024

Tips For Keeping Your Rental Property Well Maintained

Tips For Keeping Your Rental Property Well Maintained

Being a landlord can be difficult, depending on the current or previous tenants that live in the building. Keeping on top of your rental properties after a tenant has left to make sure it is in excellent condition for your next tenant can be challenging. There are many ways to keep your flat maintained but here are some that you should prioritise!

Replace The Smoke And Carbon Dioxide Detector Batteries

For starters, this is a must-do as it is for the safety of your tenants. You could have a lawsuit due to your detectors not being at the required standard. This should always be done after a previous tenant has left the property, as well as throughout their tenancy. Simply because you do not know when they last replaced the batteries in the detectors. 

For starters, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors batteries should be changed over once every six months. Doing this is a great way to make sure that your detectors are going to be ok for the next six months. 

Clean The Pipes Of Your Sinks

Make sure that you keep on top of your kitchen sinks and your bathroom basins. All sorts can fall into a sink which could cause blockage. A blockage can be difficult to fix sometimes. It is one of the last maintenance calls that you need, especially if it is a new tenant. It is more than likely not their fault. 

There are many ways you can clean your pipes. Firstly, a lot of modern-day buildings will have a special cap on the end of a T-junction pipe. This is where you can send a rod down to get rid of any potential blockages. This is something that will often see a plumber do or people who get rid of blockages. 

Another way to get rid of block drains is by buying a liquid that melts through blockages. These are designed to make sure that they do not damage the pipes. What they do is work through any standing water until it reaches the blockage. The liquid or gel dissolves nearly everything allowing the water to pass through. 

Double-check your bathroom as well to make sure you do not need to make any bathroom repairs. Bathroom repairs can be costly at times and are an inconvenience to tenants so make sure you get these out the way before they become too much of a hassle.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Hiring professional cleaners will get all the spots that you are more than likely to miss. They will also bring multiple cleaners into the property so they will have many eyes to seek out the dirt. They will go into much more detail than you might yourself, such as cleaning blinds or the grout of tiles. They will also take a lot less time to clean the property compared to you just doing it on your own. 

It is recommended that you hire the cleaners to clean the property a few days before the new tenants move in. The reason for this is because there could be a buildup of dirt across whilst nobody is in and dust is one of these that build up over time. You also need to make sure that your rental property is clean for anyone that will be viewing the property. 

Keep On Top Of Your Kitchen Appliances

Many things can become extremely dirty in the kitchen, especially if it has not been kept on top of during previous tenants time. You need to make sure that your ovens, microwave and stoves are cleaned properly. Ovens can get dirty quickly and can be tough to clean. There are people out there that can come round and clean your ovens for you. 

If you have a fridge or a freezer that comes with a property then this is one that you should check regularly. Things can get spilt in a fridge and can give off a nasty smell. The last thing you want is your new tenants to be welcomed with a nasty smell from the fridge. Keeping on top of your luxurious kitchen is a great way to make it last longer so, make sure you do that. 

Do Not Neglect The Exterior Parts Of The Property

If this is a house then there are many things to consider when it comes to the outside of the building. For example, you have got the gutters to take into consideration. These could be blocked up by sticks and leaves so make sure they are kept on top of. These are easy to unblock as well but if you are not confident on ladders, get somebody else to do it. 

If there is a garden or a driveway, make sure you rake away any leaves. This just makes the outside of the house a lot tidier. If you have a garden with grass, make sure you cut it and it isn’t overgrown. Same with any bushes or trees. Getting rid of any dead branches on trees is a great way to make sure that the exterior is looking nice and tidy. 

Inspect the outside of the property. Roof tiles can be easily damaged due to poor weather conditions. The wind can pick up branches which could either smash or crack the tiles. This could cause damage to the felt underneath. If the felt is damaged then your roof could begin to leak. 

You should also be cautious of the impact animal excrement can have on the outside of the property. Get a professional cleaning service for pigeon guano removal to make sure that your garden or yard is the cleanest it possibly can be and that it is not causing any damage. You should also jet wash the moss and green stains off the concrete. 

Last but not least, make sure that there have been no homes that have settled in your garden. Insects will create a habitat in your garden during the winter months. Make sure you keep on top of your garden as you do not want any unwanted guests coming out and causing issues with your new tenants. 


Those are all the things that you should take into consideration when renting out your property. Having a full house clean is important before a tenant moves in as it keeps them happy. It is up to them afterwards to make sure that they keep it clean. This is something that you might include in your contract to them as well.