Friday 01 March 2024

Tips For Shaving On A Properly Maintained Budget

Shave on budget

Ask any guy who regularly shaves about his grooming habits and expenses, and you will either come face to face with a cheapskate who patronizes the disposable basement type razors, or a meticulous guy who compares between brand models and usually chooses one that’s top of the line and boasts of cutting edge technology.

It’s amazing how some men think that choosing or comparing electric razors is not necessary since all shavers perform the same important function, and that is to shave or remove facial hair. Wrong. Not all shavers are created equal; some have more blades, some have rotating shaver heads, and some have perforated metal sheets covering the blades. It is therefore important to research on which type of electric shavers are best suited for your needs and will deliver the closest, smoothest and cleanest shave for you.

When comparing prices of couple of best electric razors, it may come as a surprise to know how expensive some brands and models can be. For sure, these shavers are packed with built-in features and capabilities which ensure top performance, durability and quality. But the question is, do you need all those add-on features? Will they suit your needs and respond well to your hair type? These are some of the considerations you have to keep in mind. If you think you do not need a top of the line, ultra-modern electric shaver, then you can now narrow down your choices to cheap electric razors that will do a good job in spite of the price tag attached to them.

We’ve rounded the markets and come up with three of the most reliable and noteworthy electric razors with a price tag that will not burn a hole in your pocket. All under $100, these are not cheap electric razors in terms of quality and durability but cheap in the sense of affordability.

Philips Norelco S8950/90:

This model was previously called the SensoTouch 3D because of its Gyroflex system which allows its shaver heads to closely follow the contours of the face. This results in a closer shave than any other electric razor can give. It can be used for either wet or dry shaving, with or without a shaving cream applied on the skin beforehand. This electric razor is currently priced at $184, still below our $200 mark.

Panasonic Arc3-Blade ES8103S:

Another electric razor, this wet/dry razor is a company best-seller. It features a robust body and nano blade technology which allows for a closer shave. This blade cutting system delivers a quick, smooth shave with its stainless steel foil that hugs the curves of the face for an even and smooth shave. Use it for a quick, dry shave, or with a shaving cream for a wet shave. The Panasonic Arc 3 Blade is priced at a little over $60. Check the full review at Instant Grooming.

Braun Series 3-340s:

This Braun series is for you if you are looking for a branded electric shaver that is cheap yet efficient. It is a wet and dry shaver which boasts of the SensoFoil technology. It is great for use with hair that grows in many different directions, makes cutting them easier with its triple action cutting technology. It has easy to find replacement parts that are inexpensive. For $20, you can get a complete set of new shaver heads. The Braun Series 3-340s are priced at less than $60.

These cheap electric razors are definitely easy on the budget compared to high end models that are worth hundreds of dollars. With proper shaving techniques, they can give you even more value for your money. Here are some that you can do right away.

Shave daily:

Your electric shaver may not have powerful motors to deal with thick beards and long hair, but by shaving daily you should be able to manage just fine with your cheap electric razors.

Use a pre-shaving product:

Your regular priced shaver may not give you a close and comfortable shave like a top of the line shavers, but by using a pre-shaving product, you may yield a close enough result.

Try wet shaving:

The electric razors mentioned above are all capable of wet shaving. A good quality shaving cream will greatly improve on your razor’s performance.

Keep it charged:

Electric razors usually slow down when the battery is draining. A fully charged razor will maintain optimum performance and won’t tug and pull on your hair.

Wash your razor after every use:

Whether high end or entry level, razors will perform better for a longer period of time if they are consistently cleaned of buildup and dirt that tend to clog the blades and shaving heads.

Grooming need not be an expensive part of your life, and these cheap electric razors are proof of that. You may scrimp on your budget without scrimping on performance by making sure that you know how to keep your grooming tools in good condition by practicing these shaving tips and techniques.