Monday 15 April 2024

Tips For Standing Out In A Crowded Online Marketplace

The advent of the online marketplace has changed the way people are doing business. From brick and mortar stores to small start-ups and entrepreneurs, there is a place for everyone in the online marketplace. As websites like Clickmarketonline attract more sellers to their virtual doors every month, there is one concern that many businesses have: How can I possibly stand out amongst the competition? We have the tips that you need to make your products as attractive and desirable as possible so that your product will stand out and sell.

The Pictures Are the First (and Best) Impression

Nothing is a greater deterrent than a fuzzy, foggy, poorly taken picture. Put down the mobile phone and invest in high-quality images of the product that you are trying to sell. A great picture which properly showcases the product is what is going to get buyers clicking on your product, and can even convince customers that your product is worth the slightly higher price tag from the competitor.

  • White backgrounds in images are preferable, but not necessary.

  • Use a consistent style of photography for your products. This makes the product more recognizable, and it shows that you did not steal the images off of different websites. It legitimises your product.

  • Make use of “negative space.”

Include a Descriptive Headline

Buyers want to know what they are clicking on before they are going to click on your advertisement. Include as much pertinent information in the title of your listing as possible. Some key pieces include:

  • The brand of the product.

  • The size of the product.

  • Key desired features.

  • Any special features.

For example, a listing which advertises an item as “Apple iPad” is not going to get nearly as much attention as “Apple iPad Mini Tablet 7.9-inch Display Wi-Fi White”.

Tell a Great Story

If the online marketplace you are considering allows businesses to have their own “homepage” on their site, this is where your story begins. Be sure to share with visitors why you got into the business you are in. Tell them what your company values are, and why you are inspired to do what you do. Include information about yourself, your staff, as well as pictures and videos to give your company that “human element”.

But don’t stop there with the storytelling. Take that skill and apply it towards every single product that you put online. Include details such as:

  • Why the product will be meaningful to the customer.

  • What makes it stand out from other similar products.

  • How the customer will feel once they have this product.

Consider Including Extras

Customers want to feel appreciated, and companies that master this art are those which find themselves with more repeat customers and greater lead acquisition. “Extras” don’t always have to involve free swag and samples, however. Even a simple “thank you” note written to the customer with a little tip or unknown piece of information about the product purchased will make your brand memorable and vastly increase your chances of receiving positive reviews online and attaining a lifelong customer.