Friday 14 June 2024

Tips To Create An Effective SlideShare And Increasing Its Visibility

Often we need to give a lengthy explanation to our potential clients in order to expand our business. Providing them with text documents is a futile attempt. Also producing a video ad can be costly and time-consuming. This is where the role of slide presentation comes into play.

Using SlideShare for business can be an effective and user-friendly way to market a product. Slides are made to present a data in a succinct but comprehensible manner. It does not contain long sentences, but points that replace the use of sentences. It contains charts and pictures that literally speak a thousand word.

You must be wondering why SlideShare? Well, firstly it is owned by LinkedIn. I think that right there answers major part of the question. Secondly, it has 5 times the traffic from business owners as compared to that of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Many readers don’t have a long concentration span. We have seen sharing ‘Stories’ have become a big hit on all social media platforms. Have you ever pondered what might be the reason behind its success? Aren’t these Stories similar to slideshows? They stay on your screen until the time you can take a good look at it and then, another story pops up. A user can scroll over whenever they like. SlideShare has taken the advantage of this by providing a platform that businesses can use easily.

Important Tips For Making A Perfect SlideShare:

  1. Understand your target audience:Your slide is not for you or your employees. It is important to contemplate what details your audience is seeking from the slides. Make sure you provide all the relevant details.
  1. Don’t be Narcissist: Avoid using ‘me’ in your slides. Address your audience directly by using words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. This will make the presentation look interactive.
  1. Explain your value proposition vividly: Let the readers know your strong points. Readers have many ‘Whys’, try to address these whys. Make clear in their minds what makes you stand apart from your competitors.
  1. Use charts and graphs: Slides are made to represent more information in fewer words/space. Stick to it. Use charts and graphs wherever possible. Use infographics rather than writing long explanations.
  1. Include pictures: Sometimes readers want to see a real picture of your product rather than graphical representation or animation. In these cases, it is highly recommended that you post original pictures of your product in the slides.
  1. Include research and analysis: There are many research firms that provide the data that your readers need. You can use this to make your content look more informative and less of a marketing tool.
  1. Tell something about your company/owner: People want to read success stories, period. Include a couple of slides about your company and its growth. This will make them feel ‘connected’ to your company.
  1. Tickle the funny bone: Too much information might be music to your ears but won’t be the case with everyone. You don’t need to be a comedian for being funny. The best part is, even a lame joke can crack laughter when it is on a slide.

How To Make It More Productive?

After making the slideshow for your business, the next step is, making it visible. Following tips will help you in making sure your efforts aren’t in vain:

  1. Target proper keywords: Use all your SEO techniques here. Use both long and short keywords and do not forget to provide transcribe in the ‘notes tab’.
  1. Put details carefully: Remember your file name becomes the URL. Choose your file name carefully. Write the description and include important keywords in it.
  1. Make it discoverable: Use multiple and appropriate categories to increase the visibility of your presentation. Share the presentation on all the social media platforms.
  1. Use Analytics: Regularly monitor your presentation by keeping a track on the number of views, favorites, shares, comments, downloads and the source of the traffic.
  1. Respond to the readers: Comments are the valuable feedback that the readers give to you for free. Read all the comments and answer them.

Bonus Tip: You must link the slideshow with your LinkedIn business account. This is very important since LinkedIn is the biggest social hub for professionals.


SlideShare has become an important place to promote any business. There’s a growing number of people who are using this platform. If you do not have the time or lack the talent needed to continuously make and monitor these slides you can hire a professional company who has an expertise in this. But make full use of this platform to catapult the growth of your business.