Sunday 19 May 2024

Tips To Help You Choose The Right House Cleaning Services From Numerous Options

House cleaning is an important aspect regarding the maintenance of a house. A clean and well-kept house can enhance its appeal. Most people nowadays, owing to their busy schedules may not get the time to clean their homes. In such situations, hiring house cleaning services is a good option.

Types of home cleaning services

House cleaning services are broadly of two types:

  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services

Services for Domestic Cleaning

These services involve hiring local cleaners to clean the house. The helper is commonly known as a house helper, maid or mother’s helper. The cleaners can be male or female, and offer different types of home cleaning services. Usually, they charge an hourly rate for their services.

Domestic cleaning services also comprise of freelancers. These are individuals who perform house cleaning tasks. Most of the times, they may not be licensed or insured. These freelancers may be unemployed or employed on part time basis. They are generally available at the time chosen by the house owner for the cleaning task.

Most of the big companies have franchisers that offer cleaning services. These franchisers usually offer local staff for the job. The franchisers also offer maid services. House owners are assured to receive the best quality services when hiring cleaners from such franchisers as they are licensed and insured. Orange County has a number of house owners who hire professional cleaning services. They usually consult maid this of Orange County to hire the right kind of cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Consumer cleaning services include aspects like window cleaning, carpet cleaning and residential maid services. Commercial cleaning services include aspects like janitorial services for big establishments.

Professional carpet cleaning services use advanced equipment and safe detergents for removing tough strains and bad odor. It is better to get the carpets cleaned up every week, so that they will always looks fresh and new. It will also improve their durability.

Frequency of cleaning

For housecleaning, the most preferred option is to get weekly cleaning services from a reputed housecleaning company. They may usually provide one or more cleaners to clean the house.

Another option is to get bi-weekly cleanings where the cleaners can visit the home every two weeks to perform the task. Setting up a cleaning schedule generally costs less than hiring cleaners on as needed basis.

If you have a big house, you could also consider hiring a maid who might visit your house everyday or in some cases, may even live in the house.

Factors to consider before hiring cleaning services

  • In case you are hiring live-in maids, it is advisable to seek references.
  • Cleaning services use their own supplies and tools.
  • Ensure that the cleaner holds a valid license.
  • Check for guarantees provided by the cleaning services.
  • Communicate to the cleaner any special instructions regarding the service.

House cleaning is an important task. Hiring house cleaners can help in maintaining the cleanliness of homes, especially for owners who find it difficult to squeeze out time to perform the task themselves.