Sunday 03 March 2024

Tips To Maintain Your Office Vacuum Cleaner For Greater Reliability

In order to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner, you should be careful to maintain the components frequently. This article is a checklist to properly maintain the components. But before disassembling and cleaning your vacuum cleaner, be careful not to plug it.

1- How to Maintain the Filter

The filter is an important part of the vacuum cleaner. It retains the finest particles to avoid allergies. When there is too much dust in the filter, it may become clogged and affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner. They must therefore be regularly serviced.

A• For vacuum cleaners with bags​

Vacuum cleaners with bag contain an engine filter that prevents dust particles from reaching and damaging it. You must not wash this filter. It must be changed once you change every five bags.

B• For bagless vacuum cleaners

For bagless vacuum, you must change the filter at least once a year.

Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with washable filters. In that case are removed and washed in warm water and dry in the open air.

Some other vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filter fill indicator. This light is useful to avoid unnecessarily openings of the tank.

2- Maintenance of the Bag

Some bags are replaced and others need to be washed regularly to be effective again. When the bag is 75% full, it is important to replace it or to wash it to keep the useful power of your vacuum cleaner.

To avoid being invaded by a cloud of dust while you empty the bags, it is best to empty it outside the office or directly inside the trash.

3- Quick Tips in Case of Breakdown

Vacuum cleaners​ are solid appliances​, given what it endures daily. However, it is never immune to a breakdown or a problem that could damage it.
Here are some examples of cases that may arise

– If you pull too much on the wire, it may break. The vacuum cleaner won’t turn on.
– The vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick any dust. Dust may not even come off the carpet. The causes can be a plugged component (flexible or tube). It may also be an overfilled bag or a defective filter.
Those breakdowns are the most common. To avoid them,you must:

– Plug the vacuum properly.
– Not pull on the cable.
– Make sure to change or clean the filter and the bag.
– Empty bagless vacuum cleaner tank after each extended suction.
– Use the bags compatible with the vacuum cleaner and in no case plastic bags.
– Be careful to never wash and reuse non-washable bags.
– Empty and disassemble hose and tube regularly to prevent clogging.

If you encounter difficulties in these steps, you can refer to the instructions of the manufacturer and / or the model of your vacuum cleaner.

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