Thursday 20 June 2024

Today’s Plumbing Solutions Extend To Replacing Lead-based Pipes

Some people complain today that plumbing costs are too high. However, they also have to consider what they are receiving for the money they are spending. A premium plumbing service should provide plumbing maintenance and repairs as well as feature service options that extend to electrical, heating, and solar work and repair.

In addition, prevention should be a part of the company’s commitment to service quality. After all, it is much more affordable to practice preventative maintenance than to pay for a repair. Thorough weatherproofing assists the homeowner in avoiding seasonal repairs as well.

Today's Plumbing Solutions Extend To Replacing Lead-based Pipes

Replacing Lead-based Pipes: 

One of the important renovations that plumbers are making today is the replacement of leaky, lead-based pipes. Lead can lead to health problems for family members living in your home. Therefore, this home improvement is a must if you want to maintain a healthy household.

Businesses such as Blackhall Plumbing ensure the safety of families by specialising in the replacement of lead-based pipes. Pipes that contain lead are often found in older homes, where they were used until the early part of the 20th century. Therefore, the most common source of lead in a water delivery network is the piping. Piping made of lead is highly corrodible and susceptible to any chemicals that are found in the water coming from the tap. Copper fixtures may also contain a small amount of lead in their castings. Often, these kinds of pipes are connected with a solder made of lead.

Lead in Pipes and Connections – Where the Danger is More Pronounced: 

If you live in a home that was built before 1930 and the piping has not been replaced, it may be made of lead. Or, if the home was built before 1988, it could contain copper piping that is connected by a lead solder. In homes that feature pipes that are joined with a solder, the greatest health risk comes from the water running through the connection after a long time of not being used.

How Lead Can Affect Children: 

The lead that migrates to the body can cause serious damage to such key areas as the brain, nervous system, kidneys, or red blood cells. Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable to lead-based poisoning due to their size. Disorders associated with lead in children may include such health issues as nervous system damage, behavioural and learning disorders, slowed growth, or difficulty hearing.

Adult Health Issues:

Adults who suffer from health conditions related to lead may experience from such issues as reproductive problems, high blood pressure, digestive disturbances, nervous system disorders, concentration problems, or joint and muscle pain. Because lead cannot be smelled or tasted in the water, your water should be tested to determine the amount of the substance in the water supply.

If you suspect the water in your plumbing system has been contaminated with lead, you need to determine the source and remove it entirely. Water from a system that is comprised of lead piping should not be drunk under any condition, as the corrosion of the pipes is usually too progressive to make it completely safe.