Wednesday 22 May 2024

Top 4 Reasons You Should Embrace Video Marketing

Top 4 Reasons You Should Embrace Video Marketing

You may have the best services under the planet or goods that customers would die to have. However, at the end of every quarter, your sales records are dismal, and you are just wondering where you went wrong.

Your competitors have inferior goods to yours yet their customer base is on the roof. Well, they could be using black magic to attract customers, you conclude. The black magic they could be using is called video marketing.

Your goods or services could be the best but who knows about them? A business without a marketing strategy is like a ship without a compass. You cannot sail through the deep seas, and when storms strike, you are likely to sink.

To create brand visibility, you must embrace marketing. Today, technology has created disruption, and digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Social media has made it easy for consumers to interact with your content.

A simple description of your product appearing on Facebook as a sponsored ad will reach millions of people. However, not many people like reading through loads of literature. With busy lifestyles, no one has the laxity to read your product description.

However, animated video production company saw this gap and introduced video marketing. Today, your content can be seen and felt by millions of people globally. If you have not yet shifted your marketing to video marketing, you could be losing out customers to the competition.

Not convinced? Here are reasons why you should adopt video marketing;

1.Viral effect

A well-designed video can reach millions of people within seconds of posting. When your potential customers watch your video and find it useful, they are likely to share with the friends in social circles.

The result is a viral effect. If you package your content in an entertaining manner, the result is even better. As people watch your video for entertainment reasons, they will know your products and start identifying with them

2.SEO ratings

After watching a video relating to your products, potential customers are likely to visit your website. The video will arouse curiosity, and they will want to understand what goods and or services you offer.

The curiosity drives traffic to your site and automatically boosts your SEO rating.  Once customers visit your website, they may be attracted to more than one service or product.

For instance, if a company is offering beauty and weight management services, it is likely that a customer will want to get into the weight management program and also use the beauty products offered. The result is improved sales.

3.Brand visibility

When you run video ads severally, it will be difficult for people to forget your brand. The content creates a visual image of what your company offers and it is easy to remember.

Customers can identify with your products with ease earning you consumer loyalty. Any time a customer walks to a supermarket to purchase products, your brand is in their mind. They are therefore likely to go for it.


Video content is flexible and easy to use. The targeted market can watch the video on the go. The content is easy to watch on all devices, from desktops, laptops, to tablets and phones.

As people browse through their newsfeed on Facebook, your ad runs and they can watch flawlessly. The outreach will be enormous giving you high conversions.

Therefore if you have not adopted video marketing in your strategy, your cheese could be taken soon if it is still under your custody. Improve your sales and enhance your profits by making smart marketing choices. You can use the services of animated video production company to create professional and engaging content.