Sunday 14 April 2024

Top 5 Astrologers In The World


Like in the case of different professions, where there are professionals who outperform the rest and emerge as some of the best in the business, the field of astrology is no different. If you take a look around, you will find numerous astrologers who have taken up astrology as their permanent occupation. This is resulted in the field of astrology becoming a fiercely competitive field of occupation. This article helps in understanding in detail about the top astrologers and what is it which separates these from the rest.

In this ever evolving and dynamic field of Astrology, there are several branches and sub-branches. In these different branches and sub-branches, there are lots of people who specialise in a particular form like horoscope reading or palmistry while some of them are experts in all of these branches. However, apart from such branch specific astrology experts, there are also some world famous astrologers who have carved a niche for themselves in this field due to their knowledge and experience. Let us see who these astrologers are:

Mr Rajat Nayar

Known for his expertise on any and all matters about the field of astrology, Mr Rajat Nayar is definitely a name to reckon with. He is known, not just in India as well because of his increasing group of supporters who in spite of staying in different corners of the world, still swear by his advice and guidance. Mr Nayar has knowledge not just about horoscope readings and palmistry, but also in the areas of Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Gemology, etc. and so on. Whatever problem you may be facing either in your professional life or personal life, Mr Nayar has a solution to every problem which is very simple and easy to follow. Backed by 33 years of rich experience, he is surely one of the best out there.

Mr Bejan Daruwalla

Mr Daruwalla has been in the profession of astrology for more than 20 years and hence, is quite popular among both youngsters as well as the senior members. His predictions are believed to be accurate and right on target. Mr Daruwalla is an ardent worshipper of Lord Ganesha and believes that these powers which he has are gifted to him by Lord Ganesha.

Ms Terry Nazon

In many western countries, Ms Terry Nazon’s fortune telling is something which has found many followers. She is a professional astrologer and creates daily, weekly, monthly as well as annual horoscopes for all the zodiac signs. She has over millions of followers all over the world and is popular among the masses for her sharp calculations and predictions.

Mr Prem Kumar Sharma

Another famous astrologer is Mr Prem Kumar Sharma. Mr Sharma also a set of loyal and ardent followers of his own who follow him sincerely. He also has expertise in diverse branches of astrology like patri or horoscope reading, palmistry, numerology, match making, etc. to name a few.

Mr Vedant Sharma

Last but definitely not the least comes the name of Mr Vedant Sharma. Mr Sharma is also one of the leading astrologers as well as numerologists, who is known for his precise and accurate calculations and predictions.

These are names of the some of the top world famous astrologers who have not only made a mark for themselves in this field but have over the years also found a lot of supporters and believers.