Monday 15 July 2024

Top 5 Custom Shirt Design Companies

Custom t-shirts add a whole other level of fun and personalization to any event or team. Whether you are a small business trying to get company shirts or hosting a fundraiser, a custom shirt could be just what you need. The problem is, however, that there are a million different shirt companies to choose from and making a decision can be difficult.

Luckily this guide will help you find the perfect t-shirt design company for your specific needs!

Top 5 Custom Shirt Design Companies

Decide What You Want

If you’re creating a custom shirt design for a professional venture, you may be looking for a company with better quality control than if you’re just creating some fun shirts for a night out on the town with a bachelorette party. First, you need to decide what your willing to sacrifice for perfection in another department. Unfortunately, you cannot find a shirt making company on the planet that offers superb customer service, low-prices, perfect printing, and skillful design – therefore, you must chose the attributes of most importance to you.

If you are running a business, you’ll want fast processing times, great quality, and lower than average pricing. This will lower the customer service of the custom shirt design company, as well as the variety available for print.

On the contrary, for personal t-shirt creations made for friends and family, a simple company with basic options may be your optimal choice.

Whatever your situation, below are some of the best companies in the business that provide different attributes for their target markets.

The Only Five You Need to Know


This custom design shirt company prides itself on design variety, template structures, and quality. Whether you’re looking for custom college shirts, business logo designs, shirts for school activities or just about anything else, will do exactly what you desire. They also have a phone number to call customer service directly on their website and conduct business in a friendly mannerism.

One of greatest attributes of this design company is the apparel variety, ranging from medical wear to athletic wear and everything in-between. They also have a full catalog if you’re not interested in creating your own shirt – the possibilities are truly endless.

2. CustomInk

If you are looking for average pricing with free shipping and suburb quality, this is your company. They print on-demand so no need to purchase in bulk – they also have a processing time of only three days and offer a variety of printing options. If you’re sending them PNG pictures you will run into problems, as their one downfall is unsupported PNG images.

Other than that mishap, the company offers designs for any apparel type, which makes them one of two custom shirt design companies providing that kind of variety. If you’re looking for creativity and diversity, this is your company.


If you’re interested in cheap, cheap, and more cheap prices than look no further. offers the cheapest prices on the top 10 consumer-reviewed shirt design companies list, but also provides one of quickest processing times. Within one business day you could have your shirt shipped free on-demand. The only pitfall is the lack of variety and apparel selection possibilities – but hey, you can’t have it all!

4. CafePress

Most people have heard of this company because it has been around for some time. Actually, CafePress was one of the first custom on-demand shirt designs on the web so they do provide some experience in their business operations. If you’re looking for a great all-round shirt you can’t go wrong with CafePress. They do provide the cheapest price per unit on the web at $8.99, but charge $5.00 flat rate for shipping. Other than this downfall, the customer reviews prove that they still have loyal customers.

5. BlueCotton

Individuals interested in buying bulk should look to this company for services. The two greatest attributes are bulk pricing (minimum of 7 must be ordered) and design features. BlueCotton blows out the competition when it comes to design features for your shirts including text spacing, email address in-prints, design savings, and much more.

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