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Top 7 Natural Sources Of Vitamin B17

Top 7 Natural Sources Of Vitamin B17

There are several types of vitamins provided by different types of foods. The vitamins offer a wide range of benefits to the body. One of the vitamins that many people overlook or do not have knowledge about is vitamin B17. Commonly known as amygdalin, this is an anti-cancerous vitamin of the vitamin B complex group. The vitamin act as alternative cure for cancer and it is very efficient in lowering tumours and curbing metastasis. It has the ability to get rid of cancerous cells, protect the body from onset, development and spread of the disease in the future. Foods that contain vitamin B17 are known as nitrilosides. Here are top 7 natural sources of vitamin B17.


Seeds such as apricot seeds are the major sources of vitamin B17. The vitamin is also found in other seeds such as peaches, pears, nectarines, apples and cherries. Other seeds that are rich in vitamin B17 include:

· Squash seeds

· Millet seeds

· Flax seeds

· Buckwheat seeds and others.

Apricots seeds that have high amount of vitamin B17 are used in popular desserts such as crumbles, pies and sweet tarts. As you eat fruits of the above seeds, it is important not to eat just the sweet flesh, but the seeds too in order to get this vitamin. The oil produced when the seeds are pressed also contains this vitamin.


Nuts are rich in assorted nutrients such as proteins and minerals. Almonds especially those that are bitter, macadamia nuts and cashew nuts are also rich in vitamin B17. The bitter almonds are used to manufacture extracts and give liqueurs the distinct flavour they have.

Top 7 Natural Sources Of Vitamin B17


Berries including currants, cranberry, raspberry and blackberry have admirable content of vitamin B17. Wild berries have the highest amount of this vitamin. Other fruits that have small amounts of vitamin B17 include:

· Gooseberry

· Quinoa

· Mulberry.


Among the different sprouts, bamboo sprouts lead with the high amount of vitamin B17. Other sprouts such as, Garbanzo, Whole green gram and alfalfa also contains a considerable amount of the vitamin.


There are a number of leaves that are rich in vitamin B17. Eucalyptus and alfalfa leaves have high amount of the vitamin with spinach leaves having some traces of the vitamin.


Some of the common tubers such as sweet potato, cassava and yam are rich in this vitamin. They all have a considerable amount of the vitamin with cassava being the leading with high quantities of vitamin B17. The tubers should be cooked in the right way to avoid food poisoning that may occur especially with cassava.


Assorted beans are rich in vitamin B17. In order to get the vitamin from the beans, you just need to cook them or sprout them and incorporate them in your diet to get this vitamin.

However, it is good to note that with all the ingredients there are side effects such as vomiting and headaches that may occur as you consume these foods. It is, therefore important to have an ehic card that allows you to get treatment for free or at a reduced fee in case of such medical emergencies.