Monday 22 April 2024

Top Android Maps Applications

Top Android Maps Applications

Maps become so vital application for everyone nowadays because of the huge advantage of them when they have found out the route to unknown destinations, nearest places, touring spots and etc. these maps helping daily millions of people while travelling, researching, online detonators and many others who are in touch with these maps. After digitizing the maps, there are so many features added to them and still the list is growing and growing. Coming to the mobile platform android having the integrated Gmaps application which is top notch in providing routes, time estimation, traffic details and many other extra information’s to the users. By adding the GPS signalling feature onto your device you can go anywhere in the world using the extraordinary GPS technology where you get a good strength of signals. Lets us see some top maps application for Android devices.


Definitely this is the best application you ever find on the playstore for the navigation maps usages. The accuracy of your position depends on the signal strengths of your network providers. The application contains most simple interface with some good features on the apps like nearest places, buildings, hotels, special places, all possible destination routes, optimized route, estimated time and periodically the maps are updated on the main database to provide you every time the accurate and fresh routes. However, Using maps is fun too.

GPS Navigation BE-On-Road

It offers the features like turn-by-turn direction instructions, it got simplistic interfaces, which shows a 3D kind of things along going on the road. The places, buildings, towers, flyovers and other things are pretty decently displayed on the screen with this. It contains all the courtiers maps, so users outside US can also download them.

Here Maps

These maps are developed and owned by NOKIA, it was quietly released in 2014 and made a surprising entry into the market and received excellent positive feedback. The interface simple and nice, the maps comes off pretty neat simple representation of roads. Here maps can be used offline by downloading the your local region maps earlier and use them without internet. The maps also provide traffic info whenever you are required, it shows even narrow streets to get other directions to reach the roads.


For those who don’t like the Gmaps can go for this one. It looks pretty classic in its design by providing turn-by-turn navigation, which is a good replacement for Google maps. This app also provides us offline support, you just need to download the maps onto your SD card, you can use it on the go.