Thursday 29 February 2024



The world is now entering a new phase of high-end gadgets and top-notch technology.  Appliances have become an inseparable part of our lives; these are becoming the foremost necessity of our lives. We are much dependent on appliances to compete with time and fulfill our daily tasks.

In a couple of years appliances sales have phenomenally increased, most top selling kitchen appliance brands can be a very hectic task like which brand to go with but w11stop makes it easier for you offering some of the most selling electronic brands in Pakistan.

Only the kitchen itself caters to many activities at once like chopping, grinding, blending, etc. which need several appliances to ease daily routine tasks. Women find it really convenient to use these appliances.

w11stop is an online electronic store that offers you some of the most top selling electronic appliances brands in Pakistan, providing you numerous varieties under one umbrella. We have stocks of every prestigious brand.


One of the most important and common appliances in every kitchen is Juicer Blender extracting the finest goodness of fruits and vegetables. W11 stop is offering you top most selling electronic brands like Braun Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan and Russell Hobbs Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan for your finest experience.

Coffee Grinder & Coffee Maker: 

Coffee is for sure the fuel for the day and it’s even better when the blend you enjoy is freshly grind for best aroma and flavor.  W11 stop is offering you Ariete coffee grinder in Pakistan. It also offers Russell Hobbs Coffee maker at a very reasonable price.  

Juice Extractor:

If you want to add more fruit and vegetable goodness in your diet, the Desire Juice Extractor is a simple and easy way to get those fresh vitamins. For something so virtuous it looks devilishly good in your kitchen. w11stop offers you Russell Hobbs Juice Extractor in Pakistan at a very reasonable price making it easier for you to buy the best product.

Sandwich Maker & Toaster:

w11stop offers one of the finest sandwich makers of Russell Hobbs, Seals and Slices two sandwiches at a time. Toasters that have 2 slice panels and adjustable brown degree gives you some crisp slices right for your breakfast.