Friday 12 April 2024

Top Types of Tradeshow Bags for Your Occasion

While walking tradeshow floors, it is almost sure that you will see several attendees totting different or similar promotional bags. The reason behind this is good. They function like walking billboards so that their moving message remains on top of the mind and comes up with the majority of brand impressions than other promotional items.

Tradeshow bags with printed logos helps to generate leads, foster positive impressions, and promote the awareness of brands. What types of bags should you hand out to extend the visibility of brands beyond the hall of the exhibition? Below is a list of bags with the design of helping marketers design their journey to generate marketing ROI.

Custom bags

Before deciding, imagine being an attendee that will be getting a lot of brochures, USB drives, pens, and other tradeshow bags, iPads, and notebooks. They present an opportunity to offer custom bags that are durable that the attendees can use while advertising your brand in the whole process.

Wine tots

In case your thoughts are out of the box, wine tots are great bags to consider. They bear the design of a wide range of colors and sizes for the attendees to choose the preference and the capacity of the bottle. Before deciding, it is crucial that recipients might use the bags for more than carrying cleaning supplies, storing tools, and transporting wine bottles. Also, check the calendar to see if the holiday is approaching and go to manufacturers to design festive prints on bags to impress further.

Cooler bags

These bags are the best promotional gifts on-the-go since they are useful in other situations like weddings, camping, picnics while pursuing outdoor activities, or traveling. The other cool thing about these bags is that you can not only store beverages inside, but also use side pockets for extra snacks, water bottles, and other items on the go.

Drawstring bags

These bags are the most lightweight among others. In case transporting a high amount of heavy bags to the show is a lot of headaches, go for drawstring tradeshow bags since they will save you a lot of space. These bags are the most popular when it comes to promotional items since they are convenient during the tradeshow and for several years after the show.

Messenger bags

It is essential to create an image that is environment-friendly for your firm because many individuals people will think about favorable brands that have an eco-friendly, sustainable message. The majority of eco-friendly messenger bags have eco-friendly content that is usable for many years. You can tailor messenger bags to suit the attendees of your trade show: the best option being multi-function pockets for the storage of phones, keys, and pens.

Final Thoughts

The market has many options when it comes to tradeshow bags that will wow your audience and help you be unique in the whole competition. Cooler bags, wine tots, custom bags, messenger bags, and drawstring bags are among the choices that will increase the reputation and visibility of your brand.

Regardless of the choice of bag, studies suggest that the majority of clients pick up promotional items like reusable bags at tradeshows and utilize them for long even after leaving the exhibit hall. Promotional bags are effective ways of attracting attention and maintaining constant exposure for long.