Saturday 24 February 2024

Trademarks 101: What You Need To Know When Registering For One

Are you looking to secure your business and attract potential investors and employees at the same time? You should consider registering a trademark. Trademarks give your business a unique identity that is necessary for you stand out in a crowded pool of attention-seeking businesses. It makes your brand legally yours and safe from the prying eyes of your competition. A branded company exudes success amongst other positive feelings that make it very attractive to potential investors, clients and employees. What’s more, a trademark will enable your business to effectively use the internet and social media to communicate with your clients. High traffic on these platforms equate to higher rankings and thus better recognition for your brand.

How to get a trademark

Visit Trademark Attorney finding a trademark expert to provide you with quality trademark service. They assist you to prepare your application from start to finish. Moreover, they ensure you submit a valid registration and avoid the extra costs that may come with filing a faulty application on your own. The actual registration is done on the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) site, You ought to get an initial response within approximately three months. The total processing time however is from 6 months to a year, or longer.

How much it costs

Trademark services are offered at a flat rate dependent on the company. Trademark Access for instance, offers services at a discount compared to larger companies. For electronic applications, you would be required to pay anything between $275$325. On the other hand, registering with a paper application costs $275. These charges are per class of goods or services and depend on the type of application. It costs $34 to register a business name for a year and $78 for three.

Selecting a strong trademark

A lot can be registered as a trademark including signatures, names, symbols, letters, words, shapes, colors, etc. Whatever you choose, it should be unique and able to distinguish your goods and services from those of similar traders.

You should avoid the following when selecting a mark:

  • Marks that are have become common in your trade and do not make your goods and services stand out
  • Marks that are descriptive (they may include words such as best and cheap)
  • Marks that resemble earlier ones
  • Marks that may result in confusion of brands (they make it hard to differentiate between earlier ones and similar goods and services that may have been provided by the owner of the earlier mark)
  • Marks that resemble famous marks in the trade

Why performing a trademark search is important

Trademark searches ensure the trademark you choose is unique and not similar to any existing ones. These services are offered by trademark attorneys. For example, with the use of Corsearch, a strong search platform database, trademark attorneys at Trademark Access put the trademark you choose under test to identify any similarities that may arise. It enables you to check its availability before sending it to USPTO for processing. This saves you from incurring additional costs and processing time in case your mark of choice is rejected by USPTO.