Sunday 14 April 2024



The fame of the Android operating system continuously on the rise. IT is driven by more than just its extensive accessibility and application variety on the Google Play Store. Many other reasons contribute towards its growth and rise.

It enables the incorporation of cutting-edge technology into Android mobile applications and Android tools, making development quicker and more productive. All of these capabilities make Android apps an excellent pick for a wide range of enterprises.

According to Statista, Android has a global market share of 71.93 percent in mobile operating systems. Furthermore, the Google Play store contains over 3 million Android applications ranging from social media to gaming apps, among other things.

Android app development services are now becoming highly in-demand with the surge in demand for Android apps. Due to its ever-increasing prominence, Android application development is advancing at a breakneck pace. As a result, it has become essential for businesses to remain up to date with current trends to remain competitive.

Consequently, to make things easier for our readers, here is a list of the hottest Android app development developments that will catapult your company in 2021.

1. Apps That Are Available On-demand

On-demand apps were quite famous throughout the pandemic in 2020. Therefore, it is a trend that will likely remain trendy in 2021 as well. Also, we can expect innovations in this trend. On-demand apps are the apps that offer fast services such as Uber or deliveries.

Over the years, it sees a rapid rise as many sectors are utilizing it to their advantage. Various industries, including shopping, delivery service, digital economy, and groceries, are now using it. They assisted numerous firms in maintaining a high level of consumer traffic during the lockdowns, and some even enhanced their sales by contacting every consumer.

Also, it offers the customers the ease of ordering things from the comfort of their homes. It saves them from the hassle of completing daily chores with ease. As a result, both the customers and the business owners are happy.  These apps will remain popular in 2021 because they let users complete everyday activities quickly and easily.

2. Blockchain Technology

When we talk about android development trends, we can simply keep blockchain technology out of the conversation. Yet, it is a great technology that can help institutions to increase transparency. And not only that, governments around the globe can incorporate it to reduce corruption.

Blockchain technology provides impartial application development alternatives to improve visibility. It is a rapidly evolving technology that can transform the way the financial services industry operates. Furthermore, it lowers intermediaries by preventing unwanted access and employing strong security measures.

Blockchain technology can be critical for banking, foreign exchange sites, and other financial institutions. Also, Blockchain Android applications reduce data loss since data encryption is highly secure. Furthermore, because data is stored in smaller lots, it can be easily distributed even if there is a power outage.

3. Instant Apps

Instant apps have led to a fundamental change for smartphone games and eCommerce enterprise applications. They are set to become a key trend as they see a sharp rise in their popularity. Businesses can now promote their products and lure prospective consumers much more quickly, thanks to advances in technology.

Because they do not take up additional space, they allow your phone to operate without causing any needless system delays. Furthermore, quick apps work on all Android devices. As a result, it will be among the leading Android app development trends in 2021.

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of instant apps. But one of the main reasons for its growth is that it enables users to check out different programs without downloading them. Therefore, users are more enticed to check the app out and install it if they like it.

4. Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

Flutter technology provides a plethora of exciting alternatives for Android app developers. It is the top choice among developers since it is the best tool for creating feature-rich and interoperable mobile apps. Many big brands have been using Flutter technology.

The benefits that it brings to the table make it easy for developers to build robust apps. Furthermore, the platform is critical in the creation of native mobile applications. And it can be used for both iOS and Android platforms.

One of the primary reasons for the increased popularity of the flutter programming framework is its ease of use. Since flutter simplifies the MVP development process, developers may provide better Android app development services. In 2021, innovation is likely to be the most significant mobile development trend. It is the main reason why market leaders such as Google Ads, Alibaba, and others rely heavily on It for mobile app development.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out that Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to govern the tech world. Numerous stats have empirically backed this truth. Though VR is still quite common among developers, AR technology is also gaining popularity at a steady pace.

The phenomenal popularity of the smartphone game PokemonGo is quite common. Aside from sentimentality, the game’s success was primarily due to its effective use of AR technology. Aside from video games, AR and VR can be extremely useful in the leisure, shopping, and construction industries.

Businesses can enhance their customer interactions by incorporating AR/VR technologies into their smartphone apps. For instance, IKEA is releasing its Place app, which allows customers to check if the furnishings they want to buy will suit their houses.

Other companies are also following the pursuit. For example, Google Maps now includes an AR enhancement that allows you to easily travel around a city by overlaying a visual plan over a real-world city view.

6. M-Commerce

M-Commerce, often known as mobile commerce, refers to any financial activities that clients can conduct with their smartphones. The trend has seen a significant rise over the past few years. And even more, companies will accept mobile payments through their apps by 2021.

According to Business Insider, M-Commerce volume will increase from 25.5 percent in 2019 to 44 percent in 2024. Because M-Commerce services enable transaction processes faster and more conveniently, many firms integrate mobile payments in their applications.

It enables you to make contactless payments and payments in mobile apps and others. Also, you can make buy electronic boarding passes, E-tickets, E-coupons, and electronic loyalty cards. Most of all, you can easily integrate it into any mobile app since Google has made its payment platform Google Pay available to Android and iOS app developers, rendering M-Commerce solutions much safer and more user-friendly.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few trends that you can see in Android app development. But, as a business owner, it might be challenging to keep up with all these new trends. So, what you need is a good android application development company by your side.

By having a company as a partner, you would leverage the new technologies and make the most out of them. With the help of a top Android application development company, you can take your business to the next level.