Sunday 23 June 2024

Try These Weird Roadside Eats

The U.S is full of many weird and strange places that you can see when you take an RV rental and go on a road trip across the country, but did you know what else there is that you should try while traveling? Food. There are many restaurants to be found that offer strange dishes or concoctions that at first may sound weird or disgusting, but that are quite delicious.

Following are some of these weird roadside eats that you should try at least once in your life:

  • If you are driving through Alabama, you may get the chance to try Kool-Aid pickles; that is, if you want to. While they aren’t that common, you may chance upon a roadside café that serves them.

  • Are you passing through Brooklyn? You may get the amazing opportunity of trying a ramen burger. It’s just another one of the new inventions in food which may or may not have appeared due to extreme boredom. Either way, it’s something you should probably try once in your lifetime-and never again.

  • Gas station breakfast burritos. Okay, maybe they are not that weird, but as far as flavor goes, you are better off eating roadkill-in our opinion.

  • If you are driving through New Orleans, you are sure to be bombarded all types of roadside eats that you have never tried before, but we are quite confident that you have yet to try alligator sausage. It’s actually rather delicious, if sausage is your thing.

  • Chicken and waffles with a lot of sweet syrup on top is a combination that you are bound to find while road-tripping through the south. If you are from the south, you may be used to it, but if you are new to the area, it could get some getting used to.

  • Have you ever thought about tasting snake? Well, you can and you don’t have to go to some far-away exotic country to give it a try. Southern fried rattlesnake is a highly popular roadside eat in some areas. Before you cringe and stick out your tongue, see if you can get past the idea of eating snake, you just might like it.

  • In the same theme, well, the same animal, why not try rattlesnake chili? It sounds like something out of Texas, doesn’t it? You hit the mark. Whether the origins of this fascinating chili started from somebody looking for a new way to make chili or simply to get rid of the abundance of rattlesnakes in the state, it’s actually a pretty tasty food you should try while on the road in Texas.

  • Garbage plates are actually tastier than they sound. While they may differ in different roadside restaurants, you can expect a base of fries, then some macaroni, and maybe some beans to go along with it. On the top, you can have your choice of grilled cheese, eggs, or Italian sausages, or cheeseburgers, amongst many other options. Don’t forget, that you will also get to mix in some onions or hot sauce, and even mustard, if it suits your taste-buds.