Saturday 02 March 2024

Types Of Active Network Attacks

Network attacks can be of physical form or through data form. Those attacks that are in the form of physical form is termed as passive attack. Those that are in data form are termed as active attacks. There are several IT services company in Toronto that provides security against several type of network attack.  It is important to choose the right IT services company in Toronto to keep your network safe and secure from attacks.

Active network attacks are very complex and you might need help of one of many IT services company in Toronto.  The complexity of active attack is finding out what type of attack has been made. As there are several type of active attacks and they cannot be identified easily. Some of the most common active attacks are explained below.

Denial of Service Attack:

It is a method of making a system unavailable for use to its users. It means that particular service is mad unavailable to users so that further work will be stopped. By this way most important data from the system can be hacked.  Distributed denial of service is one where multiple systems are used for producing traffic and denying the service at the same time. Websites that are hosted on high quality servers are often targeted under DOS this is to cause black mark on the reputation of these companies.

As most of the IT services company in Toronto target on giving quality servers and they charge more due to the high quality. Upon DOS attack that reputation becomes a question.

DNS Spoofing:

This is a way of hacking the DNS records. DNS is the pointing server that defines a specific system’s address. When a system is under DNS spoofing it will be returning an incorrect address in other words fake address is produces. Thus the traffic is diverted to the hacker’s computer. This is a way of stealing confidential information such as bank details and important passwords. As the user might not know about the attack and might continue inputtin data as usual.

Man in the Middle Attack:

This is a type of active network attack where the two communicating persons think that they are communicating to each other but they are interrupted by a man in the middle. This type of attack is like eavesdropping ones conversation. In this attack the hacker controls the content being sent to the other communicating person. This type of attack is more possible in public chat rooms and other places.

SQL Injection:

This is the most tedious form of data attack. This cannot be identified and rectified easily. The data is being inserted using SQL queries. Unwanted data is being inserted causing chaos. When you see some funny text while you are expecting some important data or while you are in a presentation then it will be irritating. Mostly database is attacked sometimes it causes loss of data as well. This is one of the most common security vulnerability in servers