Tuesday 23 April 2024

Understanding The Concept Of Happiness

Understanding The Concept Of Happiness

Happiness is a concept that we have struggled with for such a long time. It could difficult to define happiness and to know things that could make us happy. Many people think that family and money could ensure happiness, but both are also common causes of problems and sadness. Happiness can be difficult to measure and for some people, contentment isn’t the same with happiness. It is our right to be happy and we should also know how happiness should be acquired. Living in a society would mean that we shouldn’t sacrifice individual happiness for the increased welfare of the greater population.

In fact, it is possible to find happiness by helping others and do positive things socially. In modern society, the concept of happiness is often intertwined with comfortable housing and material possession. Others could see things that could give them momentary diversions as objects that could make them happier. They believe that if they feel good, then they are happy. This is a logical and rational assumption. However, we should also consider that many people have unfulfilled lives and they are affected with deep dissatisfaction. Happiness could be something that we decide that we should have more in our lives, but it can be difficult to try to create it on a more conscious level.

Happiness isn’t something that just happens. It’s also about specific frame of mind that people create, regardless of their condition. When it comes to seeking happiness, many people could feel powerless and they don’t know what to do. However, it could amaze us when we see on TV about programs that show people who lost their entire family members in accident and become crippled; but could eventually move forward and become happy individuals. Too often, people think that there are certain things that could make them much happier. The modern society is filled with fast-paced activities and we often feel the pressure to succeed.

In this case, we may fail to consider what success could mean to us. This could happen when we move at a frantic pace constantly. In this situation, we simply don’t have the time to think about happiness. It is important for use to return to more essential stuff and fulfil our obligations. In fact, pursuing happiness by collecting material possessions could be seen as somewhat hedonistic lifestyle. Happiness could also be affected by values of people in specific countries. People in Bhutan are often said to have one of the highest happiness index, but not everyone could cope with their mountainous lifestyle.

In this case, we should discover what direction we should choose, so we are able to move towards our desire for happiness. It is important that we are willing to give ourselves the permission to be completely happy. In fact, many people are able to visit wonderful places, but they continue to fret about things that happened in the office. To be happy, we should avoid negating things that could actually make us happy and become more positive.